Maple Glen Tavern

Those Eagles are something else, when you think they’ll lose, they win, when you think they’ll win, they lose.  Before Sunday’s game, I felt like the Eagles were going to win.  The Edman was being evacuated from his house because his girlfriend was having some girls get together, so we decided to cheer on the Eagles at Hooters.  I think Hooters is an excellent premise, but this particular Hooters on a Sunday where the Eagles were losing, came off very flat, like a pint of Coors Light sitting at room temperature for a couple weeks.  We left at half time and headed for greener pastures.  We ended up at the Maple Glen Tavern and it was freaking awesome.  It was like an Eagles wake, people were drunk, exuberant, and dancing on their bar stools (see pic below).

Last year had a formula that predicted Martin Luther King Day as the most depressing day of the year.  This year, my work was supposed to have off for the holiday, but we are so busy they rescinded the holiday and we had to work.  In fact, it’s close to midnight and I’m just wrapping up.  I took some breaks to hang out with the family, but it’s been a long day. 

Tomorrow, I have to be at work super early, I can’t wait until this campaign is launched and life can go back to normal. 

Here’s a question for all of you, the waitress at Hooters asked us if we wanted our wings breaded or naked.  The Edman says breaded wings are what you normally get and I said naked wings are the norm.  Any one want to weigh in on this?

I beat Grand Theft Auto 4 for the Xbox 360.  Absolutely enjoyed the game.  Here’s a quick funny story about it.  I was playing the game and I had a particularly awful mission to complete.  I think it involved killing some rival gang who was now managing a strip club in the game.  I accepted the mission and had my character deep into his assignment when in real life I had a knock on my door.  It was a family going door to door asking people to consider accepting Jesus Christ into their lives.  They told me a little about Jesus, gave me some literature and left.  I wished them luck in their endeavor, closed the door, and resumed my game that was in the midst of a bloody firefight in the middle of a strip club with poor virtual strippers getting caught in the crossfire.  That game really is horrible and I hope Winston is playing stuff like that until he’s a senior in high school (or just avoids video games altogether). 

The snow’s been fun and Winston and I managed to sneak a little more sledding in on the weekend.  Jaclyn is doing a great job of keeping this household together.  Her husband has been having too much fun lately, wrapping up Grand Theft Auto, going to Hooters, and staying up late to post this blog.  I’ll make it up to her though, I think I’ll make her a special meal this weekend and make this weekend 100% about hanging with the family (unless Jay decides to throw himself a 30th birthday party). 

One quick note on the bailout.  Imagine if you lived in the ghetto, in a dilapidated row home, can you imagine how pissed off you would be if the richest bankers and Wall Street people were getting billions in loans while you’re getting your heat shut off?  It’s insane to think the bailout does nothing for people in poverty. 

One quick note on this week’s inauguration.  It’s amazing how far this country has come in a very short period of time.  Less than 50 years ago a black person would have to use a different bathroom, water fountain, or classroom.  Now we elected a black person as our president.  Good to see America still evolving, we probably still have room to improve. 

One quick note about TV.  Can’t wait for the season premier of LOST on Wednesday.  If anyone wants to discuss on Thursday, please e-mail me your thoughts. 

That’s it for now, I gotta sleep so I can get back to work. 


8 thoughts on “Maple Glen Tavern

  1. before everybody jumps on me about the wings let me explain. i believe rob mis-interpreted my comments. when ordering wings at Hooters, the standard way that they come is Breaded. in fact many times when you just say give me wings they won’t even ask if you want them breaded or naked. so when i say breaded was the norm, i meant the norm at Hooters. it’s a different world there. now, at other places usually the norm is naked(not breaded) and you have to specify that you want the buffalo style or breaded. i understand this. i’m a veteran hooters guy. at most places you look around and people dining don’t have breaded wings. its the opposite at hooters.


  2. i also must confess that when the girl asked if we wanted them breaded or naked Rob seemed confused and i yelled outloud at him and called him an idiot and make a big deal about it. i was just trying to get the waitress to laugh by making a fool of Rob. it worked. so yeah, i went a little over board with the whole breaded wing if you want, we can go back to Hooters and explain to the waitress the whole story so you don’t look bad.


  3. I feel much better about the whole thing after reading it. At Hooters, I really felt like everyone in the world was against me and my position of the naked wing being the norm.


  4. Sure does look like him! Oh how I cherish the time we spent together. Me and the Duke. Tom and the Duke they used to say. Tom and the Duke love to jump, jive and juke. I remember the Duke training me for the movie Cocktail. Couldn’t have done it without you buddy. I’m starting a petition to get the Duke a star on the walk of fame.


  5. its funny you mention the government bailouts. rose was just saying she was going to apply for one. for some reason she said only a million bucks was needed (sounds greedy to me). i laughed, but then i thought about it. the government official sees the application and goes “a million! thats peanuts” and stamps it as approved. i think she has a shot. i honestly thought clinton was the first black president. my mans got soul. likes that big lewinsky booty too.i thought it made total sense, but isn’t it weird people made a big about obama using a “Black”berry? i mean, what did u expect? i really enjoyed the premiere of Lost. i’m not sure if maybe it was because it was real good or just because it wasn’t on for so long and i was craving it. i think it was a combination of both. i think miles is a cool character. nobody really cares about him, but he’s funny! i vote him most underrated. how about when sawyer called farraday “dilbert”? classic buzz saw right there. anybody else think that Locke in the casket looks like dr. evil? ok, fu. F brian.


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