Academy of Science – Philadelphia

I have to run out the door in a couple of minutes.  Last night I was working past midnight and now I’m trying to be at work by 7AM.  It’s so, so busy.  The worst part of being busy is leaving before your kids wake up and then only spending an hour with them before you have to put them to bed.  It does beat the alternative, I am happy to have a job that keeps the house warm and the kids fed. 

It makes me think of two philosophies you hear all the time:
1.  You have to fight for what you believe in, you have to constantly work harder than the rest, the strongest survive, do your best, etc.
2.  Go with the flow, whatever happens – happens, be flexible, relax, it is what it is

I struggle between these two philosophies a lot, especially in advertising.  We’re constantly asked if the font should be bigger or smaller, should the image be cropped, should we say it offers “profound” efficacy or “superior” efficacy, should we target the competition or focus on one competitor.  Every day you get hundreds of these little decisions.  My boss will gets pretty fired up over every decision, sometimes when the creative director or client doesn’t agree with him, he can get pretty agitated.  Of course, we all want to do what’s best for the campaign, but some people really fight harder for the smaller things.  I used to think that the small things were no big deal, there’s even a book that’s called “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”, but now I’m realizing the small stuff really adds up in life and it’s pretty hard not to sweat it. 

Maybe it’s because I’m tired or it’s just way too busy at work, but I’m starting to think that the Native Americans are finally getting their revenge.  There was a real simplicity that made a lot of sense to their existence.  Each of their decisions we’re based on staying alive and living in harmony with the world.  There’s a lot of things today that are not in harmony.  Religous beliefs are the source of constant conflict, the economy is in a recession, poverty, overflowing jail systems, healthcare that many cannot afford, are these small things or big things?  I am curious to hear what the Native American would have said.  I was listening to some guy from the Franklin Institute talk about how we’re in a galaxy that would take lights years to travel across and our galaxy is just one of many.  We’re just one of many, many galaxies, is any of this stuff big?  Maybe I’ve just watched Horton Hears A Who too many times, by the way, it’s a great movie and book and movie!
There’s a lot of satisfaction with fighting the small things, professional musicians, athletes, doctors, and leaders of this world did not get to be at the top by just “going with the flow”, it really required a lot of decisions and these decisions led up to something profound. 

My point is, either way you go, the world goes on but you have a chance to fight and make it microscopically better and even though the needle barely moves, it sure beats the alternative.

Other random notes:
– Lost is really focusing on Daniel Faraday, I am okay with that.  Wow, Charles Widmore was on the island!  Otherwise, I saw a lot of filler in last night’s episode.
– Why is filming a porno legal and prostitution illegal, I just can’t figure that out
– I am against charitable organizations giving their CEO’s a salary over $100,000.  The Red Cross gives their CEO over $500k.  If you won’t run a charity organization for less than $500k, you just don’t understand the necessary principles
– I’m picking the Cardinals to win the Super Bowl. 
– I’m already late, gotta go.  But thanks for reading, I love your support!

We visited the Academy of Science in Philadelphia, too much of a hurry to rotate the pic

They had this green screen movie studio and it would allow you to go back into time with the dinosaurs.  Here’s Jacklyn offering Dalia to a T-Rex

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