A Series Of Misfortunate Events – Discover Card Identity Theft

“Cuckoo?  Cuckoo?  Cuckoo!  Cuckoo!  Cuckoo?  Cuuukooooooo!!!   CUUUUUKOOOO!!!!”

I was upstairs finally taking off my business shoes after a 12 hour work day (7AM to 7PM).  Winston had joined me in the room and kept pointing at Jaclyn’s closet repeating, “Cuckoo” over and over again.  After removing my shoes, I picked up my son and carried him over to the closet that he kept pointing at.  Upon opening the door, I looked at the top shelf to see a damaged Cuckoo Clock temporarily out of commission.  

“Cuckoo.  Cuckoo?  Cuckoo!  Cuckoo!!  Cuckoo?  CuuuKooooo!!!!  Cuckooo!!!!!!!

I calmly explained to Winston that it needed to be fixed, but he could not comprehend.  The cuckoo clock is probably his most prized possession, it’s like a girl owning a unicorn, he just loves the cuckoo clock more than anything in the world.  Just imagine, every hour, on the hour, having a moment of pure bliss and joy, that is what he experiences when that little cuckoo bird comes out and chirps.  Winston’s intense appreciation for the cuckoo clock can only be rivaled by the shear devastation of it being broken, he was a wreck. 

Winston is screaming and furious about the cuckoo’s demise.  Winston’s hysteria spreads like wildfire and Dalia is doing her best to top his high pitched screams and match him tear for tear.  I explain to Winston that the cuckoo will be fixed – no avail.  

Later that night after the kids were in bed, I opened up the second hospital bill I had received this week (the first one being for Dalia’s birth (which was $400 and change), this bill was for Dalia’s emergency room visit when she had her cold.  When you have kids, medical bills become the opposite of Ed McMahon and the Publisher’s Clearing House.  This medical bill for our trip to the emergency room was over $1,000 (that’s the deductible for each family member – up to $3,000 total).  I think her trip was in 2008, so it probably resets and we’ll have the opportunity to spend another $1,000 on medical expenses again this year!  I look at it as my opportunity to stimulate the economy.  I think healthcare needs huge reform, unfortunately, I work in the healthcare sector and would probably be adversely impacted by a major reform.  

I don’t want to bore you with all my recent bad luck, but my most recent unfortunate event happened today when I discovered that I was a victim of identity theft.  I was checking a statement for my Discover Card and realized a charge to www.guess.com for over $280.  For a second, I thought it was me, “Maybe I bought something nice for Jaclyn, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.”  I kept thinking about it and I realized that I did not do anything nearly that generous.  “Maybe Jaclyn borrowed my card and bought her something super fancy?”  The more I thought about it, the more I realized she has never spent more than $50 on clothing or an accessory.  It couldn’t be Jaclyn.  I called Guess’ hotline to get to the bottom of it.  They said it was not me who purchased the item and someone had illegally used my Discover Card to purchase these items.  My Discover Card was still in my wallet, so it wasn’t physically stolen.  The woman at Guess explained that there’s been a huge surge in identity theft cases where someone is ordering stuff from their website and having it sent to a fake address in Michigan.  My order was placed 3 days ago and they’re going to try to retrieve the package before it is delivered.  The nice lady at Guess mentioned that all of these identity theft cases are happening with Discover Cards, she provided me with a number to help prevent additional fraud and advised me to contact Discover to shut down the account immediately.  I contacted Discover, they were nice and helpful and it seems like they’ll handle everything, but I’m nervous it will lead into more drama, especially with buying a house on the horizon.  

The cuckoo clock is back on the wall and running smoothly.  Winston is peacefully lying on the floor watching Alvin and the Chipmonks.  Dalia watches Winston’s every move.  Jaclyn is just wonderful, once again she keeps the ship sailing smoothly, no matter what kind of storms we have to sail through.  

Once we get to the last week of February and our new campaign is launched, I’ll be blogging much more.  

Any suggestions on a nice Valentine’s Day Gift for my beautiful wife?


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