Gross’ Gourmet Chicken in Doylestown

Gross’ Gourmet couldn’t be in a more hidden spot in Doylestown.  It’s probably easier to find the island on Lost than to find Gross’ Gourmet, but man is it worth it.  They’ve got fried chicken, rotisserie chicken, roasted chicken, chicken wings, St. Louis style ribs, mac n’ cheese, and all that is good in this world.  It’s near the Kmart, across the street between Thompson Lexus & Thompson Toyota.  It’s takeout, so you’ll have to bring it home, but it’s a nice to add a chicken place into your takeout rotation.

I watched a show on bees today.  I find it really amusing to say bees.  I just want to yell it, BEES!  It makes me laugh.

I don’t feel bad for Alex Rodriguiz, but I can understand the decisions he made.  If I could take a pill that would give me a huge raise and make me a better marketer, I’d probably think about it. 

I would have to say Kate is my least favorite character on Lost.  I’m watching it right now, another solid episode.  Holy cow!  Ben is beaten up badly!  Ok, this episode just got a lot cooler.  This Jill character looks pretty bad ass.  Okay, I’m moving on, I don’t want to do a play by play. 

We received our tax return!  We’re paying off hospital bills, making a sizeable investment into Dalia’s college fund (despite Winston losing approximately 40% of his college fund in the first year and half because of the current stock market crash), and I’m looking to buy a new pair of glasses, maybe some rec specs for softball. 

I’ve been doing squats at the gym to strengthen my knees, but worry that squats may do more harm than good.  Don’t worry, my knees are fine, I just want to keep them that way.  Anyone have some info on this topic?

We have some fun things coming up.  A guys night out in Baltimore next Saturday.  A trip to Ithaca the following weekend.  And once we get some warmer weather, I’m going to try to get back to Jim Thorpe to hike Glen Onoko. 

Wow, what a crazy episode of Lost.  Ben is such a magnificent bastard!

10 thoughts on “Gross’ Gourmet Chicken in Doylestown

  1. hey robbie, i can show you some knee exercises i learned in physical therapy. i thought lost wasn’t as good as its been. i don’t even remember a new character named jill.


  2. i do squats on and off at the gym. once i start going too heavy i back off for several weeks. maybe lower the weight and do more reps or just stop them completely. i have noticed my knees get uncomfortably sore sometimes afterwards and when that happens i try exercises that are less strenuous. gotta be careful with that stuff as we get older. i think jill is the butcher shop lady right? i really enjoyed lost except we didn’t get any Miles this week. everything miles says makes me laugh. that used to be farraday but he’s too smart for his own good. when my family lived in doylestown my mom would bring home gross’s like once a week. it was great. except i hated going there with her, i liked it when she brought it home as a surprise. hi laurie F! hi laurie P!F brian G.


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