Best Mechanic & Auto Repair in Doylestown, PA

I do not know anything about cars.  I know that the tires need to be inflated and I know gas needs to be in the tank.  Other than that, I have no idea how a car works.  This leaves me in a fairly vulnerable situation when its time to have the car serviced.  The mechanic can pretty much tell me anything and I’d have to believe it.  If a mechanic told me that my radiator melted, I’d say, “Damn, that sounds like a lot of money to fix.” 

When choosing a mechanic, I’ve always just gone the route of dealing with the dealer.  There’s usually a long line, long wait time, and everything ends up being expensive.  As you know, I’ve been all about supporting local businesses and there’s a local mechanic I’d like to endorse.  If you’re like me, you need someone you can trust and someone who can fix a problem when they arise.  I’d recommend Smith Wheel on Atkinson Drive in Doylestown.  Its located near the Intelligencer building and Italian Delight.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I will acknowledge that my father-in-law works there and maybe that’s why I get such good treatment, but I’ve seen plenty of other customers benefit from equal care.  They’ve always fixed our cars right away and more importantly, I always trust their assessment.  If you find yourself in a jam and need someone to take a look at your car, I recommend Smith Wheel (215.348.9459).

Here’s a funny story about Winston.  The other day we were at Jaclyn’s parent’s house.  The dog was laying down in the living room and Winston decided to bring it’s water and food bowls into the living room and lay them down in front of the dog.  We all thought it was a friendly gesture and the dog just stared at it blankly.  Winston proceeded to get on his hands and knees, lower his face into the food bowl and start eating the dog food right out of the bowl.  Everyone was alarmed, Jaclyn quickly pulled Winston away, but I think it must have blown the dog’s mind the most.  

What a great episode of Lost!  Ben Linus is an amazing actor, I wonder why learning about Jin made him change his plans so dramatically?  I think Eloise Hawkings may be working on some sinister plan as well, because Ben wasn’t supposed to find her.  Locke has gone through so much hardship, he’s going to me omnipotent during this impending war to balance out his story.  Who’s the good guy, Ben or Widmore?  I love this show!

5 thoughts on “Best Mechanic & Auto Repair in Doylestown, PA

  1. I can back up Robs endorsement on Smith Wheel. It’s as honest as I can imagine an auto mech shop can be. I’ve been a patron and have nothing but great things to say about them. I probably also know some homeless people that have eaten dog food, but unfortunately don’t have any personal experience.


  2. Dog food follow-up. I got winston his own bowls one with fresh water and one with cheerios and he pretended to play doggie for a few minutes. We have been back at my parents house a few times since, and thankfully he hasn’t tried to eat dogfood again.


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