Wanting To Fail

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been hearing a couple folks talk about how they hope Obama fails.  These people really oppose Obama’s spending plans and think that he’s running the country into the ground.  I have heard this from people at work and I have heard Bobby Jindal (Republican) defend people who want these plans to fail.  

Here’s my issue.  For close to six years, I have strongly opposed the war in Iraq when George W. Bush was president.  There was absolutely no evidence of weapons of mass destruction, the UN had been granted access to all facilities to check whatever they wanted, and the US decided to just go to war anyways.  I see this everyday on the kid shows Winston watches.  For instance, Clifford the Big Red Dog has a dog friend named T-Bone.  T-Bone once thought Clifford stole his bone and he said some regrettable things to Clifford only to find out another dog had buried it.  You learn these lessons when you’re a very young child, don’t flip out on people and assume they have nuclear weapons when maybe they don’t.  In Clifford’s case, T-Bone looked foolish because he called Clifford some mean names, but in the case of the United States fighting with Iraq, we look really foolish invading, launching Shock N’ Awe, killing 1,000’s of civilians and Iraqi soldiers, replacing an entire regime, and creating greater instability in an entire country on an incorrect assumption (talk about making an ass out of u and me!).  Anyways, I never once thought to myself, I hope George W. Bush fails, I hope these troops get slaughtered, I hope we lose this fight that we’re involved with because I disagree with it.  

I know, I know, Obama’s situation is a lot different.  We’re not talking about people dying, we’re talking about the economy.  But the economy affects a lot of people.  Anyone with a 401k plan, anyone with a job, anyone that owns a house, and definitely the children of our future.  If people want it to fail, they are hoping we all fail and that is just a foolish thought.  

Is Obama’s plan right?  Probably not.  I would not be surprised if there’s too much fat in it, not enough people to execute against it, and no real enforcement to get it done properly and efficiently.  Do I want it to fail, no.  Do I think that Government in general has the ability to fail us again and again, yes.  The key is, the government is such a small portion of the population, the biggest and most positive changes won’t come from the old white guys in Congress, it will come with a collective positive attitude from the people.  The longer we wait for the government to do the right thing, the longer we will all be disappointed.  There’s good stuff going on with the people around us.  The Edman has lobbied his company to initiate a recycling program and he takes empty plastic containers that were littering the ballfield and takes them home to be recycled.  Jaclyn works with kids that really need some guidance and I know it’s her job, but she could be doing a lot of other things that would be much more profitable.  San Diego Dave supports the cigarette industry in these tough times.  And I looking forward to helping install a patio, move my friend again, and try to raise my kids in a way that will make them productive and vibrant.  Government has a tough road ahead to make it sustainable, efficient, and something that we all believe in, but we the people have a bright future with everyone doing their part to make the world a better place.


Gilette Fusion

My wife picked me up a Gilette Fusion razor last night and I put it to the test today.  Holy cow!  The razor could shave Chewbacca in a minute flat.  I was used to the Schick Quattro, which is a good razor, but the Fusion is definitely better, what an experience. 

I am starting to plan my road trip to the Bay of Fundy National Park.  I have determined that camping will be the best way to spend the nights if I end up going there soon.  We’ll probably spend a night in Maine since that’s the halfway point.

Last night I was talking with Jaclyn about how much hair I have on my chest.  I was thinking about all the times when people told me, “That will put some hair on your chest!”  Shots of whisky, walking through snow with bare feet, raw oysters, etc.  The point I am trying to make is that when someone tells you, it will put hair on your chest, it just might actually put hair on your chest. 


My phone broke this weekend, but I have a backup phone if you really need to get a hold of me.

I helped a friend move and cut my leg and saw a building get clipped by the moving truck, it was pretty exciting.  Whatever movers charge, I think they deserve every penny.  Speaking of Penny, I wonder how Desmond is doing on Lost?

I downloaded the Oregon Trail for my iPod Touch.  I spent about 2 hours playing it on Sunday night.  I named the characters after my family in real life, I was the dad, Jaclyn was the mother, and Winston and Dalia were the children.  We had to have a third child, so I named the boy, Jules.  Jules died of a brutal bear attack in Flagstaff and I told Jaclyn that it’s a sign that we should only have two children.  If we just end up having two children, it’s because of the Oregon Trail app available for iPods, that’s how we family plan!

I thought about buying a little stero for my iPod, but just got composite cables to play it through my stereo.  Winston and I were jamming out to Vampire Weekend, he has a cool little headbanger dance when you play loud and fast music, I think I taught it to him.

I feel like this says something philosophical about a person, but I’m only putting favorite songs on my iPod, even though it has plenty of storage for tons of complete albums.  I think I’ll just end up listening to shuffle a lot and I only want the good stuff. 

We watched Bolt this weekend.  Very funny and very exciting animated movie.  The animation was spectacular and the Hamster was hysterical.  I am amazed with how the animation has gotten so good that they now capture all the imperfections to add realism.  The dirt, the bent corners on a cardboard box, the grain in steel, etc. 

A work colleague wanted to go out to lunch today and they suggested SaladWorks.  Guess how much they charge for a salad, soup, and soda combo?  $11, that’s how much!  Can you believe it…that’s the first and last time I eat something healthy, bring on the dollar menu. 

One more Oregon Trail comment.  Throughout the game they threw in historical tidbits.  One was that many travelers on the trail kept journals and they typically wrote when something awful or exciting happened.  I am proud that I give you everything, even the boring.  I just checked my account statistics and I have written over 100,000 words in my blog entries.  That’s about 400 pages of useless information! 

One last thought, I was thinking about cave drawings.  I like the simplicity of cave drawings and I think they should come back into style.  I would love cave drawings that depicted the whole AIG thing, that would be really tough to do, but interesting.  If you draw it, I’ll scan and post.

Thinking of Things

1.  Doylestown needs another bagel place, the Bagel Barrel gets way too crowded and they charge a little much.  I’ll keep going though, because they do a good job. 
2.  I don’t think communism works, but I think capitalism places weird priorities on people and makes us way too materialistic.  I think community economy is the way to go.  National franchises are stealing money from communities and stealing the indivualism our towns and environments bring.
3.  I saw an old lady (in her 90’s) pushing a shopping cart with a woman, presumably her daughter in her 50’s, explaining where the car was parked in the lot.  The older woman was visibly confused and the daughter had to really talk slowly to her.  It is so funny that I do the same thing for Winston now and someday he may be doing the same thing for me.   I really don’t know if I want to get that old.
4.  I really want to go on a road trip.  The first moment I get, I am packing a little bag and heading up north to Canada’s Bay of Fundy.  It’s in New Brunswick, Canada and the tides rise and lower there more than any other place in the world.
5.  Tomorrow’s the first day of Spring, free water ice at Rita’s
6.  I haven’t seen someone slapped in the face, I feel like there needs to be more of that.
7.  I have a $15 iTunes gift card, any suggestions?

Paparazzi For Black People

I was thinking about Beyonce today, she’s pretty popular.  She’s famous, she’s a popular singer who’s sold millions of albums, she was featured in a couple movies, and she’s married to a really successful music mogul, Jay-Z.  I was thinking that it is super strange that the paparazzi never has anything to report on this couple.  I mean, Jay-Z and Beyonce must be worth covering, they are both super famous and are known by millions of people. 

My original hypothesis was that Jay-Z is a tough rapper who grew up in the projects so he keeps a security crew around that discourages anyone from taking pictures.  I mean, if Pauly Shore told me to stop taking pictures, I probably wouldn’t listen, but Jay-Z and his entourage might persuade me to cool it.  Jaclyn said that Beyonce wouldn’t stand for bad boy antics and this type of gangster intimidation would not be allowed.  I agreed with her, they are both too successful to have it ruined by a body guard who takes intimidation methods too far. 

The more I started thinking about it, the more I realized that there’s barely any black people covered by the paparazzi.  Who’s the most famous and popular black actor?  I say Will Smith and he doesn’t get a quarter of the coverage that Tom Cruise gets.  He doesn’t get half the coverage as a Mel Gibson.  I really can’t think of any black people being covered by the paparazzi and I think its weird.  Maybe it’s because there’s significantly less black actors, maybe black people live more normal lives, maybe black people don’t care to read the trash the paparazzi reports.

Some of you might suggest that Rihanna and Chris Brown might fall into the paparazzi category, but I disagree.  I would suggest that they fall into the “police news” category. 

Let me know if you have any hypotheses of your own, I am stumped.

John Daly – The Drink

I couldn’t find the camera, so I took this picture with my cell phone.  That’s why it’s not as clear as normal.  Anyways, this is a picture of the official RKDeem drink of Summer ’09.  Most of us are familiar with the great golfer Arnold Palmer and some of us are familiar with the equal parts lemonade/ice tea drink named after him.  I love the Arnold Palmer drink, anyone who knows me, knows I love Ice Tea.  Anyways, some genius decided to make an Iced Tea flavored vodka and when I found out, I needed to try it immediately.  I found out about Ice Tea flavored vodka in Fell’s Point, everyone kept ordering a drink called the John Daly.  After hearing about 10 John Daly’s ordered by the patrons, I finally had to ask what it was and the bartender said it was equal parts lemonade and Iced Tea flavored vodka.  I picked up the ingredients this weekend and it is a tasty, easy to make drink.  In fact, it is a little too easy and a little too tasty.  Since it’s equal parts hard alcohol and lemonade, I would recommend that you limit yourself to one of these drinks a night, unless you have a small glass!  The concoction pictured is enough to tranquilize a rhinoceros (I am finding out as I type this entry).  For those of you who don’t know, John Daly is also a professional golfer, but never reached greatness because of his horrible putting and his addiction to alcohol.  I believe he’s currently banned from the PGA for refusing to leave a Hooter’s restaurant.  

The other day I was talking about Dick’s and how we won’t see too many more of them in the future.  Here’s another thing that I am willing to bet we don’t see too much of in the future, songs about Sweet Little Sixteens.  I guess it was more acceptable in the past to really sing about good looking 16 year olds, but you might find yourself in jail for doing it now.  I guess that’s one area where we’ve gotten a little more stricter as time has passed.

Good weekend.  Softball practice was excellent, Laurie’s apartment is good except for the small kitchen, and the grill cooked up hamburgers and hotdogs.  Go outside on Monday, take in a big deep breath and you’ll be able to smell Spring.


Weekend Plans

There are a couple of things that indicate Spring and impending good weather, such as a Robin (by the way, did Robin have any super powers as Batman’s sidekick or was he just a normal dude who dressed up and helped Batman?  Batman was a cool name, like half bat, half man, Robin is just a pretty lame bird, with the exception that it indicates Spring), daffodil bloom, and my favorite Spring indicator…the first softball practice.  Years ago, we would hold our first softball practice in February because we were young and stupid, but it was usually a pretty horrible experience playing in the muddy snow with howling winds.  Tomorrow morning we plan on getting out there and seeing how the new team looks, I have 5 new guys on the team, so it will be very interesting to see how that works out. 

We also plan on visiting Jaclyn’s sister, she has a new apartment. 

Oh, I have a new pair of sunglasses, classic Ray Bans, but I got turtle shell to mix it up, you might see me break those out on Saturday. 

That’s all I have for now, life has been very crazy and I have a feeling that this is going to be my favorite summer ever.

Where Have All The Dicks Gone?

I have only known one Dick personally in my life.  He was an ex-girlfriend’s grandfather and he was a great guy.  I have known a lot of Richards, Richs, and Ricks.  I always wondered why people with the name Richard would call themselves Rick or Dick, so here’s what the internet was able to provide me:

According to the report, back in the days of Old and Middle English,
everything was written by hand; “it was therefore common and easier to
use agreed-upon abbreviations.”  An example of an abbreviation was
“Ric.” for “Richard”.

The abbreviations led to diminutives, such as “Rick”.

Rhyming nicknames were fairly common in the 12th and 13th centuries,
such as “Hick” and “Dick” from “Rick”.  “Dick and Hick were among the
earliest of the rhyming nicknames, first appearing in writing around
1220.  Other rhyming nicknames include Polly from Molly, Bob from Rob
(from Robert), Bill from Will (from William); and Hodge from Roger.”

Dick has remained a nickname for Richard.  “‘Hick’ has thankfully
become obsolete, except when tied to ‘Dick’ in rhymes such as
‘Hickory, Dickory, Dock.'”

If you were named Richard, I doubt you’d willingly ask people to refer to you as Dick now days, I mean, you’re just asking for trouble.  It’s funny that the last Dick many of us will remember is Dick Cheney, how fitting is that?

Pulp Non-Fiction

Goldfish crackers are sold in enormous cardboard containers, this is what it looks like when the enormous container is held upside down and they’re spilled out on the floor.

Winston is gradually getting more into dressing up funny, he’s starting to like funny hats and goggles.

We went to visit Uncle Matt and Aunt Shanna in Ithaca, NY.  It was their daughter, Iona’s first birthday.  This is a pic of Iona enjoying her cupcake. 

Robert’s Story from 5:30 to 5:45PM
I am going to do my best to keep this story short.  We stayed in a nice hotel room in the center of Ithaca at the Hilton Garden Inn.  The room service menu was kind of lame, so I volunteered to walk down to an Irish restaurant to see an expanded selection and bring food back for Jaclyn and Winston.  I walk down to the restaurant’s bar (the restaurant was called Kilpatrick’s in case you were wondering) and asked for a take out menu.  I figured that I needed a beer while I decide.  I get some fish and chips for the family and an appetizer of Irish Fries (basically cheesy fries with bacon).  They tell me its going to be about 15 minutes, so I order another beer and ask about the gold labeled Jameson whisky.  The bartender tells me it’s the premium Jamesom whisky, but doesn’t like it as much as the regular whisky.  The next thing that’s happening is that I’m getting tiny samples of all the whiskys to see if I agree with her assessment.  I also watched Puerto Rico beat Panama in the World Baseball Classic.  15 minutes later, I come back buzzed and with food.  This is my story, let me tell you Jaclyn’s story that took place in the same 15 minutes.

Jaclyn’s story from 5:30 to 5:45PM:
Robert leaves to get takeout, I am in hotel room alone with the two kids.  Winston loves the hotel room and wants to explore every closet, drawer and piece of luggage we have brought.  He is turning on faucets, pulling levers, and pushing buttons, he is in his glory.  I seriously have to go to the bathroom, I set Dalia down on the bed and quickly step into the bathroom.  In the brief time I am in the bathoom, I hear something click outside, I jump to the door and realized that there was a lock on the outside of the bathroom door and Winston has just locked me into the bathroom.  The next thing I hear is the door from our hotel room, leading into the main hallway, is opening.  I begin to scream and panic, I am screaming at the top of my lungs, my son is going to be running around the hotel and I cannot get to him.  I am pounding on my door, begging for someone to let me out.  All I can think of is Winston getting picked up by some crazy person.  Then as I am about to break down the door, the handle starts to turn, I push the door open and realize I knocked poor Winston down, he had come back to free me.  I have never been so scared and panicked in my life. 

Ithaca was great, I just wish we spent more time there.  I received an iPod touch through work and I love the little apps you can download, I don’t get useful ones that provide restaurant reviews or tips to fix the dripping sink, I get the games.  My favorite so far is Kitty Cannon, you shoot a cat out of a cannon to see how far he will go. 

Quick note on Global Warming skeptics.  If you are right and you recycled, reused, and reduced it’s really not that big of a loss.  If you were right and you drove a more fuel efficient vehicle it’s still not that bad of a deal.  If you’re wrong and you did all of those things, you can have a clean conscience.  Anyways, I think its better to play it safe until we all know more.

I am really late for work, but here’s one last item that I need to share, I find it hysterical:

Guys Night Out

On Saturday morning I met up with the Edman and we headed down to Baltimore.  We made it down there around lunch time and went to Nacho Mamas per a trusted recommendation.  Nacho Mamas had all the elements of a good dive bar:
1.  There was cheap beer, we had 5 National Bohemian beers among the 3 of us and it came to $8. 
2.  The food was plentiful and cheap as well.  We ordered an appetizer of crab nachos and it could have fed all the slums in Mumbai. Not only were the servings enormous, they were good, I recommend you enjoy an appetizer and then see if you need lunch afterwards.  We were all pretty stuffed from the nachos.
3.  The decor completely consisted of National Bohemian paraphernalia

Nacho Mamas didn’t have any of the typical dive bar drawbacks which was good:
1.  It was not filled with smoke
2.  No one was rude and annoyed that you weren’t a regular
3.  There wasn’t a schizophrenic randomly shouting obscenities in the corner

After lunch we checked into our hotel, Hampton Suites at the Inner Harbor.  The hotel was great, staff was pleasent, they offered a free breakfast.  Our view was a little weird, it was positioned next to an abandoned building and one of the windows across from us had “WHY ME GOD” written on the window.  That must of been an intense moment when someone felt compelled to write that on the window, the building definitely looked haunted.

This is a statue of my great, great, great, great uncle, Admiral Deem.  He was the first man to eat a crab.

After getting settled at the hotel, we walked around the Inner Harbor and eventually made it to the Visionary Art Musuem.  It’s a really funky musuem that concentrates on contemporary art, Baltimore art, and just fun art that anyone can enjoy.  It was weird being in an art musuem with two other guys, every once and awhile, we’d just have to punch each other in the face to break up the awkwardness.

A festive animal on display outside the Visionary Art museum. 

Eventually we made it out to the pubs in Fell’s Point.  This is a picture of the Dead End Saloon. 

Here’s the three of us at the best pub of the night, the Dog Pub on Federal Hill.  They had blueberry beer and pizza, both of which were amazing.

On Sunday morning, I woke up without a hangover and took a walk through a snowy Inner Harbor.