Guys Night Out

On Saturday morning I met up with the Edman and we headed down to Baltimore.  We made it down there around lunch time and went to Nacho Mamas per a trusted recommendation.  Nacho Mamas had all the elements of a good dive bar:
1.  There was cheap beer, we had 5 National Bohemian beers among the 3 of us and it came to $8. 
2.  The food was plentiful and cheap as well.  We ordered an appetizer of crab nachos and it could have fed all the slums in Mumbai. Not only were the servings enormous, they were good, I recommend you enjoy an appetizer and then see if you need lunch afterwards.  We were all pretty stuffed from the nachos.
3.  The decor completely consisted of National Bohemian paraphernalia

Nacho Mamas didn’t have any of the typical dive bar drawbacks which was good:
1.  It was not filled with smoke
2.  No one was rude and annoyed that you weren’t a regular
3.  There wasn’t a schizophrenic randomly shouting obscenities in the corner

After lunch we checked into our hotel, Hampton Suites at the Inner Harbor.  The hotel was great, staff was pleasent, they offered a free breakfast.  Our view was a little weird, it was positioned next to an abandoned building and one of the windows across from us had “WHY ME GOD” written on the window.  That must of been an intense moment when someone felt compelled to write that on the window, the building definitely looked haunted.

This is a statue of my great, great, great, great uncle, Admiral Deem.  He was the first man to eat a crab.

After getting settled at the hotel, we walked around the Inner Harbor and eventually made it to the Visionary Art Musuem.  It’s a really funky musuem that concentrates on contemporary art, Baltimore art, and just fun art that anyone can enjoy.  It was weird being in an art musuem with two other guys, every once and awhile, we’d just have to punch each other in the face to break up the awkwardness.

A festive animal on display outside the Visionary Art museum. 

Eventually we made it out to the pubs in Fell’s Point.  This is a picture of the Dead End Saloon. 

Here’s the three of us at the best pub of the night, the Dog Pub on Federal Hill.  They had blueberry beer and pizza, both of which were amazing.

On Sunday morning, I woke up without a hangover and took a walk through a snowy Inner Harbor. 

3 thoughts on “Guys Night Out

  1. natty bo is the bomb! its the poor man’s pbr, (irony) please invite me to a trip somewhere and find a babysitter for your neice. i miss you my lover. ps rob is a homo


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