My phone broke this weekend, but I have a backup phone if you really need to get a hold of me.

I helped a friend move and cut my leg and saw a building get clipped by the moving truck, it was pretty exciting.  Whatever movers charge, I think they deserve every penny.  Speaking of Penny, I wonder how Desmond is doing on Lost?

I downloaded the Oregon Trail for my iPod Touch.  I spent about 2 hours playing it on Sunday night.  I named the characters after my family in real life, I was the dad, Jaclyn was the mother, and Winston and Dalia were the children.  We had to have a third child, so I named the boy, Jules.  Jules died of a brutal bear attack in Flagstaff and I told Jaclyn that it’s a sign that we should only have two children.  If we just end up having two children, it’s because of the Oregon Trail app available for iPods, that’s how we family plan!

I thought about buying a little stero for my iPod, but just got composite cables to play it through my stereo.  Winston and I were jamming out to Vampire Weekend, he has a cool little headbanger dance when you play loud and fast music, I think I taught it to him.

I feel like this says something philosophical about a person, but I’m only putting favorite songs on my iPod, even though it has plenty of storage for tons of complete albums.  I think I’ll just end up listening to shuffle a lot and I only want the good stuff. 

We watched Bolt this weekend.  Very funny and very exciting animated movie.  The animation was spectacular and the Hamster was hysterical.  I am amazed with how the animation has gotten so good that they now capture all the imperfections to add realism.  The dirt, the bent corners on a cardboard box, the grain in steel, etc. 

A work colleague wanted to go out to lunch today and they suggested SaladWorks.  Guess how much they charge for a salad, soup, and soda combo?  $11, that’s how much!  Can you believe it…that’s the first and last time I eat something healthy, bring on the dollar menu. 

One more Oregon Trail comment.  Throughout the game they threw in historical tidbits.  One was that many travelers on the trail kept journals and they typically wrote when something awful or exciting happened.  I am proud that I give you everything, even the boring.  I just checked my account statistics and I have written over 100,000 words in my blog entries.  That’s about 400 pages of useless information! 

One last thought, I was thinking about cave drawings.  I like the simplicity of cave drawings and I think they should come back into style.  I would love cave drawings that depicted the whole AIG thing, that would be really tough to do, but interesting.  If you draw it, I’ll scan and post.

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