Gilette Fusion

My wife picked me up a Gilette Fusion razor last night and I put it to the test today.  Holy cow!  The razor could shave Chewbacca in a minute flat.  I was used to the Schick Quattro, which is a good razor, but the Fusion is definitely better, what an experience. 

I am starting to plan my road trip to the Bay of Fundy National Park.  I have determined that camping will be the best way to spend the nights if I end up going there soon.  We’ll probably spend a night in Maine since that’s the halfway point.

Last night I was talking with Jaclyn about how much hair I have on my chest.  I was thinking about all the times when people told me, “That will put some hair on your chest!”  Shots of whisky, walking through snow with bare feet, raw oysters, etc.  The point I am trying to make is that when someone tells you, it will put hair on your chest, it just might actually put hair on your chest. 

7 thoughts on “Gilette Fusion

  1. I haven’t heard from Moose is awhile. I will say this, I have heard from Moose more recently than Dave Seeton. I will call Dave Seeton tonight, I wonder if he’s married yet?


  2. I am married, to coupas. No biggie. I don’t use a razor I like to get a street mexican to gnaw at my stubble for money. Once a week usually does the trick.


  3. Another update. I participated in a wing eating contest this weekend. It doesn’t help to down a half bottle of jack before hand. Things got messy after my 26th wing. I wasn’t even close to winning anyway.


  4. I like how this string of comments started with a comment about a sexy man and has spiraled down to a jack daniels fueled chicken wing eating competition. I really think you could be an excellent wing eater if you did not have that much JD in your system. Actually, I see you more of a marathon eater, not a sprint eater. Nobody eats faster than Jay, he eats cupcakes in one bite.


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