Getting Laid Off

I have been a little preoccupied the past couple of weeks.  Before I start off, I really want to emphasize that I am good, in fact, I am great.  I’m at some mystic precipice where I can jump off and wherever I land, I will be fine.  I’ve said this before, but its worth repeating, having a loving and supporting wife is crucial. 

So right after working my tail off to launch the new advertising campaign with my ad agency, I was informed that the big pharmaceutical company that we support, no longer needed us.  My boss told me and I was in shock.  I work inside of the big pharmaceutical company and I couldn’t believe that they were ending our relationship.  I had developed outstanding relationships with all of my clients and delivered top notch work that was really embraced by them and the ultimate customer, the sales representatives.  In fact, the client was so pleased with my work that they gave me an iPod Touch and iPod Shuffle to recognize all of my efforts, just a week before.  Why would they be ending their relationship with my ad agency?  That’s a tough answer and one that I’m contractually forbidden to speculate on, but it’s been made abundantly clear that it had nothing to do with my performance and that’s the most important thing for me. 

Nonetheless, I was still really frustrated by the whole situation.  I was just laid off one year earlier and it is a really horrible experience to go through.  In addition, the company that I worked with two years prior had collapsed and was delaying paychecks and that is why I had to leave that job.  My employment history has been filled with extreme highs and lows, the volatility is something that I cannot tolerate, especially with a wife and two very small children.  Going into an interview where you got laid off puts you into a bind, it doesn’t eliminate you from consideration, but it derails the conversation slightly where you have to defend it and explain that it had nothing to do with your performance.  My fear was that getting laid off twice in two years would be a terrible disadvantage.  If I was interviewing someone, I would have to believe that this guy was screwing something up or at the very least, horribly unlucky.  Who wants a horribly unlucky person on their team? 

Within a day I had crafted my plan. 

(to be continued…)

I am debating to tell this story with flashbacks and flashforwards like my favorite TV show, LOST.  Just know this, the above post is still strictly in the past, I am much further along in the process now, just decided to write this when I had more clarity around the ending. 

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