Feeding Carp at Lake Nockamixon

I took Winston, Dalia, and Jaclyn to Lake Nockamixon to feed some carp today.  It’s real easy to do and you get the chance to see enormous fish.  Just go to the main marina, hop on one of the middle docks and toss some bread into the water and wait for them to appear.

Here’s a video I took today, be patient and you’ll see a monster carp.

On a separate note, Winston was attacked by a squirrel today.  We have a couple of squirrels that pillage our bird feeder that is kept in front of the apartment.  They’ve become rather tolerant of humans and it takes a lot to scare them aware.  They usually let you get within an arms reach of them, so Winston thought that he could pick one up.  Winston lunged after a squirrel and it jumped up onto his leg, bounced off and ran away. 

Dalia is eating tons of food.  She just eats and eats and eats. 


15 thoughts on “Feeding Carp at Lake Nockamixon

  1. Here’s a Friday morning Rock n’ Roll Quiz for you. I am making it up right now, so it might not be perfect, but I hope you enjoy it for the most part. Here’s the clue, I will provide the opposite of the band name, or part of the band name will be opposite and you have to guess the real band name. Example: Silent Heads Answer: Talking Heads.Here’s the quiz:1. Stagnate Rocks2. The Robbers3. The perfect flowing blood supply through the brains4. Nay, Nah, Nopes5. Colorful lines6. King (two possible answers for this one)7. AA Bottom8. The Unwelcome Living9. A US Citizen10. Shallow magentaIf you submit answers in the comments section, just make sure you emphasize that you are providing answers up front so no one accidentally reads the answers.


  2. He thought it was hysterical, he thinks of the squirrel as a cat or dog. He hasn’t really separated wild animals from domesticated.


  3. that is awesome!!! most kids would flip out. good for him. be ready for him to actually get the squirrel next time and bring him in the house.i can’t get #3, is it written correctly? thats the one i can’t get. is it supposed to be brain(singular?).


  4. Yeah, 3 is a little tricky. Here’s my logic on that one:If your blood isn’t flowing perfectly to your brain, you have a what?You have a stroke. The Strokes.


  5. I am going to propose an answer for Tranquility For a Person. If you don’t want the answer, just stop reading here. I might be wrong. Rage Against The Machine


  6. Wow, this is a fun game. I thought of it in my sleep last night. One thing is for sure, opposite band names are definitely not as cool as real band names. I am not sure about Quiet Forest, I need to think this over.


  7. I am stumped on Quiet Forest, I think I need the answer. Here’s another one that I thought of:Good BusinessIf you want the answer, click on my name above and it will take you to their website.


  8. No. They’re all the same band.Quiet ForestSpeech LawnSilent Desert The 3 clues combined should be able to help you get it. I liked the screaming tress pick, though.


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