Trains in Scranton

Winston is a boy who loves trains.  I mean, he is really obsessed with trains, he could watch the same Thomas the Train DVD about 10 times a day while playing with train toys and wearing a Thomas the Train t-shirt. 

Jaclyn had a women’s feminist retreat thing at the University of Scranton last Saturday and Winston and I decided to tag along so we could see the big rail yard where old fashioned trains are on display, I believe it’s called Steamtown National Park.  Dalia joined Jaclyn, she is a feminist in training.  The rail yard was free and there were hundreds of old trains to look at and they also had a nicer museum that cost me $6 to get in and was free for anyone under 16.  The museum was pretty cool, they had an actual functioning turn table where a train would get into this large revolving track and spin around to the track that was headed in the appropriate direction.  We watched a train get onto the turntable and leave the museum, it was like me wearing a World Series Ring.

Winston aboard a locomotive outside the museum.

Winston running by an train car parked outside the roundhouse.

Later we went to a big park in Scranton called Nay Aug, we found a beautiful waterfall and gorge.

Winston and I also found this enormous and free tree house that overlooked the waterfall, a very cool piece of architecture with stunning views and ambiance.

We all met up with Jack’s friend Melissa for a picnic at Nay Aug, both of the kids wanted to be held by Dad.  It’s a wonderful feeling to hold your kids, you’re just holding so much love in your arms.  Then your arms get really tired!

And through the miracles or miracles, I was able to meet Chris Coste through work and check out the World Series Trophy.  He even let me try on his World Series Ring, definitely a very cool moment for me.  Chris Coste was a terrific guy who seemed to have a humble appreciation for what this World Series has meant to us fans and have watched thousands of games waiting for our own championship.  He was geniune, funny, and really wanted to make sure everyone had an opportunity to get up close and personal with him, the trophy and his ring.  By the way, the ring had 103 diamonds on it, one diamond for each win they had last year.

2 thoughts on “Trains in Scranton

  1. I love the game of baseball and meeting Chris Coste, seeing the trophy, and wearing the ring were all amazing experiences, just fun facets of the game that I love. Thanks for the note and look forward to seeing you on Sunday!For people reading the comments, feel free to click on “Kate The Great” above to visit Kate Deem’s blog.


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