The Cockroach

Today is April 30th, it would have been my first day of unemployment, the first day of my summer of leisure.  Yesterday, I wrote my farewell email to the folks in Atlanta and today I am officially a contractor.  This morning I told my wife that I was proud of this fact, proud that I manage to endure these setbacks and continue to press on in an ultimately positive direction, I told her that I was like a cockroach, you just can’t kill me.  

I managed to visit my agency’s office in Atlanta a bunch of times and here’s the things that I will really miss:

  •  Tin Lizzy’s – excellent taco/burrito/margarita joint, but what pushed them over the top was the beautiful weather paired with outside seating and the locally caught Grouper used in their Grouper Tacos.  I cannot attest to the margaritas, but everyone else was drinking them and drinking plenty of them and it was lunch.

  • Mellow Mushroom Pizza – Its a big southern chain of pizza places, definitely one of the best pizzas I have ever tasted.  A couple things stand out, the crust is is seasoned with a special cheese and it’s like eating artisan garlic bread and the pizza isn’t thin and it isn’t deep dish, it is just perfect. 

  • Billboards – Coming from the airport to downtown Atlanta, you’d pass about 7 billboards advertising strip clubs.  Normally, this type of ad would feature a hot babe staring at you with an inviting glance, but these billboards usually looked like a snap shot from a Lil’ John music video, dollar bills flying through the air, a guy wearing tons of jewelry, and “Make It Rain!” in bold font.  It was immediately apparent that I was not their target audience and I was okay with that. 

If I was a democrat, I would tell Arlen Specter that we don’t want him.  Here’s why I hate Arlen Specter:

  • He spends way too much time at Philly sporting events, I think he’s at every Phillies, Eagles, and Flyers game

  • He calls into Sports Talk Radio, 610AM and has the ability to make the most exciting aspects of sports sound dull and boring

  • His voting record for the past year has not reflected his beliefs, but the polling of the majority of people.  In fact, his decision to turn Democrat is driven by the majority of people, not political ideaology

  • He was born in 1930.  He’s 80 years old.  Go ahead Arlen, retire already.  No offense to all the 80 year olds out there, but if I needed someone who could work a demanding job that required tense arguments, long hours, tons of travel, and the ability to infuse new life into a failing system, I’d choose someone who was a little bit younger

  • The only reason he wants to go Democrat is because the Republicans don’t want him.  He was about to lose a primary election because he’s not sticking to his guns, he’s a poll whore, making decisions based on getting the most votes

This Saturday I will be attending a walk for Asthma.  Next Saturday is a walk for Colby.  If anyone wants to join us for either, just let me know. 

I have some pics from Shad Fest, need to upload to the computer.  Probably over the weekend. 

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