A Quick One While He’s Away

The title of this blog is named after one of my favorite songs by The Who.  It’s 9 minutes long and goes through a lot of styles, but the conclusion is awesome.  The conclusion of this blog won’t be very exciting, I just want to post something now because time is escaping and I’m not sure when I’ll capture it again.  I’ve been very busy on both sides of the candle. 

1.  I’ve begun working full time as a contractor and it is going well.  My goal is to make myself indispensable and people are loading me up with tons of work, but there’s definitely a large element of uncertainty when you’re a contractor.  The good news is that I am working hard and I can sleep at night knowing I’m doing my best.

2.  The kids are insane.  On a daily basis, my kids will easily do something so insane, it would easily be the most insane thing in a normal person’s day.  Last night for example, Jaclyn and I were eating dinner and we heard a loud thud in the office, followed by screaming.  That would normally be a pretty shocking event, but it is par for the course for us.  Another example of craziness in our household was Winston smacking Dalia in the eye with a plastic Brontosaurus, cutting her under her eye and probably giving her a little shiner.  Who else can say that they saw someone get punched in the face with a brontosaurus yesterday.  And the grand finale, I was changing Dalia’s diaper and had her on my lap, but didn’t realize she had pooped.  I ended up getting someone else’s poop on my shorts.  For all of you single or married couples without kids, you are really missing out on the excitement!  Last night alone, we had danger, drama, and fear factor in one night, it sure beats TV!  Okay, I probably convinced more of you to take birth control seriously than to start having babies.

3.  I think hippies should start a contingent army that employ all the tactics that they propose.  Like thousands of heart shaped cards, helicopters dropping flowers, and gift cards to the Olive Garden.  I would love to see a love army in Iran, I’m just so curious to know what would happen.  I guess they’d probably all die.

4.  Softball was rained out this weekend.  I almost prayed to God that softball wouldn’t be canceled.  I was looking forward to it so much.  I figured I should call on God for a more urgent situation. 

That’s it for now, I have to make myself indispensable.   

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