Shoving A Stick In The Spokes Of A Wheel

I am reading Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand’s most popular novel.  San Diego Dave recommended that I read The Fountainhead a couple years back and I loved it, but never read any more of her books.  Her books require a real leap of faith, they are billions of pages long, but an exciting read.  I have a really horrible lamp next to my bed, it it like a ghost is holding up a match about 3 feet away from me, I have to angle the book perfectly to have it catch enough light. 

Tomorrow I plan on doing the walk/run for the guy I played high school football with and died fighting in Iraq (improvised explosive device hit his hummer).  Sometimes I watch TV and think scenarios are pretty unrealistic, like my all time favorite show LOST, has some really unrealistic moments, but it seems really unrealistic that this child from Bucks County, who was good natured and caring, somehow made it across the ocean to fight a war that was started completely by mistake.  By all accounts, this individual loved what he was doing, truly believed he was making a difference and doing what was right, so I am not saying he was right or wrong, I truly don’t know, it just seems weird that he was ever in Iraq and that there was a person in Iraq that hated/feared him enough to produce the current circumstances.  I know a couple of veterans, all are really important people to me, and there’s no doubt that the veterans I know are some of the best people on this planet (grandfather, father, father-in-law), but it is so hard to wrap my mind around these great guys getting involved in battle.  Maybe that was the point, maybe they fought wars so I could someday be so protected and naive to think they are necessary anymore, it worked, I really would not want to fight anyone, except maybe Ryan Seacrest, just kidding, I love Ryan Seacrest.  So this Saturday, I’ll walk for a bit and think about it some more, but mostly think about how lucky I am to live in a country that has done a lot of things right, has a lot of good people living in it, and just hope that my family can live fruitful life that can in a small way, honor the sacrifices of the good people from Bucks County who have died trying to make this world a better place. 

We’re getting ready to move, move on that to come.  I’m running late, gotta go!

2 thoughts on “Shoving A Stick In The Spokes Of A Wheel

  1. I’m always pleased to read a shoutout on the deem drop. If you shouted out every post, I would feel inclined to comment every post. You will enjoy atlas shrugged, I did. It’s similar to the fountainhead. Keep it real. And make sure Jen isn’t elected mayor. That would disgust me in the worst way.


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