Now It Begins

Do you ever get that feeling that things about about to start happening?  I can’t put my finger on it, but I get the sense that there’s random factors and contributors lining up and something cool is about to happen.  Who knows, maybe I just woke up with a lot of energy today, but I think the next 6 months will yield good things. 

1.  Sometimes I think it would be really cool if I was a farmer, your hard work has a very tangible product.  It must be a great feeling to put in good, hard work every day and to see a bountiful harvest come up six months later.  Although, if I was a farmer with 50 acres of land, I’d probably be very tempted to sell it to some developer and live the rest of my life in the Florida Keys fishing.  Draughts must be horrible too, imagine working months and months, determined to provide for your family and community, and then have a draught wipe out all your hard work.  I probably should stop glamorizing the farmers, it’s probably not the best gig out there.

2.  You know what is a good gig to have?  Working at a family owned vinyard!  For my parent’s 40th anniversary, we got them customized bottles with labels that had their wedding picture on them.  They didn’t mark up the price or anything, very good deal, very fun product, and the people were splendid to work with.  The wine ended up being really tasty too.  All in all, RKDeem gives the Buckingham Vinyard/Winery a big thumbs up.  To customize a label, they just need 4 days notice. 

3.  The Bulldogs softball team continues to perform at a high level.  This could be the year we finally win a men’s league championship.  Yesterday we had real strong gusts of wind, my pitches would start out heading right for the batter’s head and then the wind would knock them down and put them right over the plate, sometimes the wind wouldn’t blow and the ball would just hit the batter.

4.  I watched the Blues Brothers yesterday.  It is absolutely one of my most favorite movies and in some ways, probably an influence on my life.  I have the same sunglasses worn by John Belushi in the movie, my wedding CD that I made as a party favor contained about 6 songs from the Blues Brothers movie, and I completely align with their style and appreciation of music.  While watching the movie yesterday, I tried to figure out what cool characters we have in today’s music world that would be appropriate for a modern day crazy musical, here’s the best I could come up with:
a.  Jack White/Meg White from the White Stripes – They are awesome musicians and funny characters
b.  Eminem – Funny guy, but doesn’t play an instrument.  I am not crazy about having a rap song in the musical.
c.  Rivers Cuomo from Weezer – He’s been on Sesame Street and can play the guitar
d.  Joss Stone – Probably one of the best modern soul singers, too bad she’s white, I need diversity.  I can’t believe my rapper and soul singer are both white.
e.  Kanye West – Now we have some diversity, can he play an instrument?
f.   Beck – Cool and weird guy, saw him play a song using table utensils
g.  AC/DC – everyone in the band looks and acts awesome, they are kind of like farmers, I sometimes think it would be cool to be them, but once I think it through, I realize there’s probably a lot of downside too, like having a liver and lungs that are black
h.   Prince – he’s a really cool dude with absolutely no downside, come on, think about it, who wouldn’t want to be Prince
i.  The Roots – To be honest, I’m not a huge Roots fan, but we needed more diversity.  I could use some help here, in addition, any latino or asian musicians that you can think of?  That was a wonderful aspect of the Blues Brothers, it went from fancy restaurants to burned out alleys, black neighborhoods to white neighborhoods, soul to rock, the diversity of music and influences was awesome. 

5.  Here’s something to consider if you ever become a contractor for a big company, you don’t get paid like an employee, you get paid like a vendor.  I have to submit my hours on a monthly basis, I sent in April’s hours at the end of April and still haven’t seen my payment.  I think they have 15 days before they pay up and my next paycheck won’t be until June 15th.  The paychecks are going to be much more spaced out, but I think it will be fun that way, it will make budgeting much more of a priority! 

6.  Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  Jaclyn does one heck of a job as a mother.  I know most of you know this already, but she really is incredible, she can hold both kids while making dinner, she can change a diaper and read a book at the same time, she makes both kids know they’re special, she heals their wounds with a kiss and disciplines them when they go beyond their boundaries.  She entertains, feeds, cleans, educates, and gives them everything bit of nurturing they need.  I just add elements of fun and fear, she’s the foundation to which they will grow.  When the readers of this blog have children, you must use her as a resource, she does it all.

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