Mayor of Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Have you seen all the political signs on display?  Good lord almighty, there must be thousands of them on route 611.  I saw a couple signs here and there campaigning to be Mayor of Doylestown (I had no idea that Doylestown had a Mayor).  I checked the newspaper (the Intelligencer had a big pull out section devoted to the upcoming primary elections) and it said there was a Republican and Democrat running for Mayor of Doylestown, many nearby towns only had one person running for Mayor.  How cool would that be if you ran for Mayor and found out you had no competition?  I would slink around and keep it quiet so no one got the idea to run against me, the first thing I’d do would be to yank out all my signs endorsing myself on 611.  I can’t imagine endorsing myself, like, paying money to get people to vote for me seems like a dumb idea, I’d rather just pay people to vote for me.  Better yet, it would be awesome if I was so motivated, fair, hard working, and intelligent that the town or city begged for me to represent the community.  Is it now the opposite?  Do you now need to beg people to vote for you?  I work in marketing, this should totally make sense to me, it’s like me saying, “I can’t believe Coca-Cola spends millions of dollars advertising, when its such a great product people should just drink it and not need the commercials.”
Why would you ask for people to vote for you?  Maybe because not enough people know you.  Maybe because your ideas and proposed plans and actions are a million times better than what’s currently in place.  Maybe you want the fame, power, the title.  Maybe you want to make a difference.   

Since I am a resident of Doylestown and most of the blog visitors live in town or close by, I thought it would be a good idea to learn more about the Mayor’s role and responsibilities.  Doylestown’s Mayor does not receive compensation and the position is mostly ceremonial.  The Mayor of Doylestown does have to work closely with the Police Department to provide civilian oversight.  The Mayor also needs to attend all Borough Council Meetings and provide a tie-breaking vote, if necessary.  One cool thing the Doylestown Mayor gets to do is officiating civil wedding ceremonies.  All in all, it sounds like a position for someone who loves the town, cares about the community, and wants to be a small part of what makes Doylestown great. 

I haven’t found out too much about the candidates, I guess there’s not too much you need to know about them in a largely ceremonial position, maybe listen to them perform a civil ceremony.  I think it would be cool if the Mayor wore a top hat.  I’ll throw this out there, whoever wins the election can get a top hat courtesy of the RKDeemReport.

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