Catching Up

There’s the ol’ Catch 22 when it comes to blog writing, you have no time to write when you are super busy and doing exciting things and you have plenty of time to write when you aren’t doing anything worth writing about.  Lately, I’ve been busy doing a lot of good things.  Today, I’ll just get out some pics and brief description, hopefully more will come later this week.

Here’s a pic of Winston and I kayaking on Lake Nockamixon, we had a wonderful bar-b-que and kayaking adventure on Memorial Day.  This particular kayak is a motorized kayak, called a Mokai.  The hat Winston is wearing is the only clothing item I have actually seen him pick out, he grabbed it off the shelf at Old Navy last year and loves it. 

My work sponsored an event at a Phillies game and we stayed in a suite.  The highlight for me was meeting the Phanatic!

This weekend we were in the Outer Banks fishing for Cobia, Tuna, and Mahi Mahi.  We only managed to catch Mahi Mahi, but we caught plenty of them.  This particular fish was about the average size caught on the trip.  The man pictured was the mate on the boat, the feet pictured belong to my brother.

This gas station sits at the Virginia boarder, lots of proud people grab cigarettes and 40 ouncers from this gas station.

That’s it for now, but there’s a lot more to report.  Missed you all and happy to be back.

5 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Oh Hot Kelly, I just knew you wouldn’t be able to resist trying to stir the pot! You are too predictable. How hot are you by the way?


  2. Oooohhhh!!!!! A cat fight! By the way, anyone notice that I am the same height and figure as the Phanatic? I think I know what my next job is going to be!


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