Equal Signs

I am at work. I just completed two big projects that I’ve been working
on for awhile and decided to take lunch at my desk and post a blog
entry. When I’m at work, I have to post through my email account
because my work blocks the web page where I would normally post from.
Posting from work has two drawbacks:
1. The blog entry gets riddled with equal signs all over the place
2. I can’t post any pictures.

If I could post pics, I’d post these:
1. David Byrne concert pics – excellent concert/performance by the way
2. Winston in his new official MLB Chase Utley Phillies jersey – makes
me tear up in joy when I see him in a baseball jersey and baseball hat
3. A pic of Dalia standing – she can now pull herself up with the help
of furniture and she’s very triumphant when she does

I took Winston fishing for the first time last weekend. He caught a
couple bass and some sunnies. Well, I did all the catching, but handed
him the rod when the fish was fairly close to shore and he’d run
backwards and swing the fish through the air until it flopped onto the
shore. He loved it. He would bend down over the fish, give it a
thorough inspection and reach his index finger out and slowly touch the
fish (imagine ET saying, “Phone Home”), once his finger made contact,
he would scream and squirm and run around in circles, which would
result in his feet getting tangled in the fishing line, which would
result in the hook I was holding getting yanked into my hand, which
would result in me screaming for mercy. Fish were released unharmed.
Winston was very interested in the bait, worms. He was more interested
in the worms than the fish. He peeled back the lid on the container
housing the worms and would root around until he pulled one out. Once
he had a worm, he’d typically throw it into the water, I think he was
trying to fish, just forgoing the rod, line, hook, etc. He wasn’t
catching much with this method, so he commandeered the entire container
of worms and emptied out the remaining two dozen into the water. We
were done fishing for the day and I deemed it a success. He was
covered in water, dirt, and the filth associated with fish and worms, I
am pretty sure he would have categorized it as successful too.

A quick update on my softball team, the Bulldogs. Our division has
really good teams and really bad teams. We have destroyed the really
bad teams, but struggled against the real good teams. This Sunday we
play the top team in our division at 12:45 in Hatfield. It should be a
great game and maybe if the weather is good enough, we could grill up
some hot dogs after the game. Anyone interested in rooting us on?

Like I said in my last post, I’ve been super busy with work, family,
and fun stuff. I hope to get some more pics up later this week.

6 thoughts on “Equal Signs

  1. The visual you painted of Winston fishing is priceless. You are living an entirely different level of cool than me. But I can’t help feeling regret in that I am missing it. Blog on brother.


  2. The kids are incredible. Winston has a little bit of a violent streak in him though. Last night, my wife explained that he tried to bash the Fellman’s dog’s head with a plastic train station. He got a time out, but tried it again later that day. I am not a big fan of fighting violence with violence, but it is hard to communicate to a 2 year old the merits of not whacking a dog in the head with a heavy object. I mean, the rewards he reaps from slamming the dog are great for him, he demonstrates power, he generates a reaction from the dog, and it is a learning experience. It is hard to explain the negatives of the dog biting him back, the dog possibly dying, or that it is an inappropriate way to behave in society. We keep giving him time outs for his crazy antics, but you can tell he is just going through the motions, I don’t think they really are very effective. I hope some day I can talk to him and effectively explain to him why things are good and bad ideas. I hope he seeks my advice on things, but there’s something to be said for just getting bit by the dog as an excellent learning experience. I tell Winston all the time, don’t push on the screen door. He doesn’t listen. He has now pushed the screen door off the tracks twice, both times resulting into a rough fall down concrete steps. It’s unfortunate, but I think this is how he learns right now. You’d get a kick out of it. Dalia is plotting something. She just eats and eats and observes Winston. In all seriousness, I think she’s planning on how she can take him down.


  3. Winston’s favorite words/sentences:1. “Thomas Movie” – in reference to his favorite movie featuring Thomas the Train. He wants to watch that movie at all times.2. “Where is it?” – If he he has misplaced a pacifier, toy car, etc. He walks around with a sullen expression asking, “Where is it?”3. “Gotcha!” – He chases dogs/people and if he catches one, he’ll say, “Gotcha!”4. “More (insert desired goods or service)” – “More juice”, “More watermelon”, “More Thomas Movie”5. “Fishing”,”Worms”,”boat”6. “DD – Stop it” (Dalia Deem has been abbreviated to DD, pronounced de-de) – this expression is used when she’s screaming or touching him7. “Trains”, “Cars”, “Airplanes”, “Dinosaurs” – these are the toys he most commonly plays with.8. “Waterfall” – he likes waterfalls9. “Chocolate”, “Gum”, “Lollipop”, “Popcorn” – these are his favorite treats10. “One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Nine” – He counts, but kind of jumps around with the numbers. He almost always counts 1 through 3, then its anybody’s guess.


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