Pursuit of Happiness

Hello RKDeemers!

I’m posting by email again, which is putrid, because I have some
excellent pics that I need to post and you’ll love them. I will post
them tonight or tomorrow.

This weekend was an excellent one, especially in the light of finally
seeing the Will Smith movie, In Pursuit of Happiness. I haven’t seen
the movie before, but it was on TNT last night and I laid in bed,
exhausted and contemplative (maybe, emotional is the right word, but
that doesn’t sound tough), and was tearing up watching the hard working
guy overcome so many obstacles to provide for his son. Sometimes I
think that I have a lot of obstacles or that life has thrown me an
abundance of curveballs that really knocked me down, but I watched that
movie last night and determined that I am a really lucky man and my
family has located happiness, grabbed it with both hands and isn’t
letting go of that wild beast.

Examples of happiness from the weekend:
10. The Bulldogs stunned the #1 team in the league. Is this the year
the Bulldogs finally win it all?
9. Laurie Fellman’s surprise party, with an uninvited monsoon that
dumped 5 inches of rain upon the celebration. The consequence, 20 good
friends, huddled together under a small awning sharing laughs, good
beer, and a cake featuring a picture of Laurie and her dog (Suuki – sp?)
8. Friday night’s Phillies game, with the Phillies down by a run in the
bottom of the ninth, when the mighty Ryan Howard unloads on a ball and
sends it over the fence to tie the game. The Phillies ultimately lost
the game, but that spark of hope and excitement was a beautiful moment
in an otherwise relaxing summer evening
7. Sunday morning, I woke up to see both of my children awake on the
floor next to our bed playing with each other. Winston had two
pacifiers, he would wave them back and forth in front of his sister,
Dalia. She’d try to grab them and he’d quickly swing them out of her
reach, she’d let out a wail of excitement and he’d giggle like crazy.
Amazing thing to see, something I had not foreseen, my wife and I were
sleeping, but the kids were playing together and enjoying each other’s
company, their laughing is what woke me up
6. Friday night Winston comes running into the living room with a life
vest in his hands, saying, “Daddy, fishing, come on daddy, fishing!”
If it wasn’t 8:30PM, we would have gone, but the possibility of my son
loving the water and fishing as much as me, put a big smile on my face,
still not sure where he found the life vest
5. Saturday morning, we decide Winston needs to get his water fix. We
take him to Central Park in Doylestown and take the walking trail back
along the Neshaminy Creek. Not sure how he knew, but before water was
visible, he starts pointing to exactly where the creek was located (but
not visible because of trees), “Waaaater!, Waaaater!” he yelled. We
found a path that took us to the creek and he quickly shed his clothing
and hopped into the frigid water. Twice he fell into deep water,
probably would have drowned if we weren’t there to rescue him, but he
loved every minute of it and did not want to leave.
4. Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning and breakfast at the Bagel
Barrel. Dalia gummed her bagel into submission, the girl eats like a
3. Dancing with Dalia at the free Zydego concert at Jamison Hunt Park.
The music was flavorful and the perfect tempo to compliment the evening
2. Jaclyn making a wonderful dinner featuring the Mahi Mahi I caught
fishing in the Outer Banks, it’s never just dinner with her, she puts
so much love in everything she does
1. Winston discovering a water sprinkler/fountain at the Jamison Hunt
Park, he just ran and ran laughing, smiling from ear to ear, spashing,
stomping, jumping, and soaking it in. It is hard not to love summer.

These weekends go by way too fast.

PS. I’m hoping Laurie can post a comment about the liberation of her
turtle, another moment of happiness this weekend!

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