Na Brasa the Brazilian Steakhouse in Horsham

It is 7AM, Tuesday morning and my stomach is doing some weird stuff.  Lots of grumbling and churning, trying to digest the sixteen pounds of meat consumed last night.  Where does one go for all you can eat fine cuts of meat like fillet mignon, Parmesan encrusted pork chops, top sirloin, fillet wrapped in bacon, lamb chops, flank steak, and not to mention a very fine complimentary salad bar on the side?  You go to the Brazilian Steakhouse, of course!  Last year, several of my friends ate at Fogo De Chao in Philly which was incredible, I’m pretty sure that all of us would have rated the restaurant a perfect ten.  Recently, a Brazilian Steakhouse opened in Horsham called Na Brasa, here’s how it compares:

– It is cheaper, instead of paying close to $50 a head, you’re closer to $35
– The meats are comparable, the excellent quality and variety are matched here in Horsham
– The volume of meat presented and the speed in which it is presented is unrivaled.  This is not like a buffet, the food is not cooking on a silver platter over a sterno, it is speared on a long prong and rushed over to you, several men constantly swarm the table carving meat off the spear as you desire

– The salad bar is not as robust, but any seasoned veteran of Brazilian Steakhouses knows not to waste their time or stomach on the salad bar
– I believe the Philadelphia location rushed out all meats all the time.  I may be wrong, but I feel this location makes more of an effort to fill you up on the less expensive selections before bringing out the fillet mignon and fillet mignon wrapped in bacon.  It was not a problem though, they brought it out immediately when it was requested.   Plus, some of the early offerings ranked as my favorites.  If I had to pick one choice of meat that was my favorite, I’d say it was the sausage.  Trust me, all the meat was flavorful and cooked to perfection, but the sausage was bursting with goodness, best piece of sausage I’d ever had
– My opinion is that you skip dessert here.  This isn’t a game changer or anything, but the colleagues I was with pretty much sampled all their dessert offerings and no one was blown away.  You just ate more food than you know what to do with, take a walk into town and grab some Rita’s instead

Here’s the first couple of pics that I would like to share:

A picture from the David Byrne concert.  He’s performing “Life is Long” which is an excellent song off his newest album.  I try to get my work colleagues to recreate the choreography involving business chairs.

I can’t believe it, they seem to like each other.  Jaclyn and I are proud of our little family.

Damn I look cool in my Ray Ban sunglasses, Winston in his Chase Utley jersey, beautiful wife, and Dalia decided to not smile…darn, one smile away from being Christmas Card material!

2 thoughts on “Na Brasa the Brazilian Steakhouse in Horsham

  1. I’ll go, but I might have to take your dad as my date, Jaclyn doesn’t seem so interested in consuming mountains of red meat.


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