The Barn

Let me start off by saying that it is Monday morning and I just drank a
Red Bull. The fusion of exhaustion and stimulants creates an alloy of
activity and poor results. The exhaustion, a result of Dalia waking up
at 5AM, grabbing my nose, eyes, and hair, steadlily pushing me further
to the side of my king sized bed until half my feet slid off and rested
on the cold wooden floor boards. The exhaustion is also the mark of an
excellent Father’s Day weekend.

One of this weekend’s highlights was seeing The Hangover movie at the
Barn Plaza Regal Cinema Theater. I really wanted to go to the Barn,
does anyone remember the Barn actually looking like a big red barn?
How freaking cool was that, if I remember correctly, it even had a big
red silo. I get very passionate about this subject, I wish people left
the odd and crazy places how they were, but instead, the barn now looks
like all the other Regal Theatres. So many franchises, so many things
look exactly the same around the country, that is why I want you all to
take a super close look at the Neshaminy Strip Club when you drive by
it next time. It is going to be damn hard to find some crazy weird old
building painted a hundred different colors ever again. My guess is
that the building will be demolished and replaced with a gas station,
TD Bank, or CVS.

Does anyone have any other strange buildings that they want to
recommend? We should start an offbeat preservation society, or a
society for the advancement of uncommon landmarks. There’s an old,
closed-down bowling alley on 202 in New Britain with a big clock that
no longer works. The building is for sale, it is surely to be
demolished and replaced with something much more common. These places
need to be preserved, maybe a tax credit to use those buildings and
preserve some of their integrity. I think the Neshaminy Strip Club
could be made into a swanky restaurant and bar, keep the pole in there
and everything. The bowling alley could be a great office, remove a
couple of the lanes, but keep a couple just for fun. You could put a
bowling pin on your business card and people would ask why, it would be
a great conversation starter.

The Hangover movie was hysterical. Definitely deserved the R-rating.
Best use of a character singing a song in a movie ever.

Okay, back to work for RKDeem.

5 thoughts on “The Barn

  1. I miss the old barn. Remember when they were renovating it and you had to go all the way to Huntingdon Valley to see a movie? I think i may have gone bowling before at that alley. I have a very vague memory about it. Im down for the preservation project!!!


  2. Imagine we could be seeing movies at Budco Barn 4. We could be saying, “Let’s got to Budco tonight.” I like that name:The Doylestown Barn Cinema opened in 1966 by The William Goldman Theatre Co. (later known as Budco Theatres Co.)Between 1968 and 1969, the theatre was twinned, and renamed Doylestown Barn Twin Theatre, becoming Bucks County’s first twin theatre.In 1975, a third screen was built onto the theatre, and the name was changed to Budco Barn 3 Theatres. One year later, this addition was twinned, thus becoming Budco Barn 4. In 1978, a fifth screen was built onto the site.In 1997, AMC Theatres (sucessor to Budco Theatres) closed this location. The AMC Barn 5 was torn down and a REG Regal Cinemas Barn Plaza Stadium 14 Theatre was built on the site.Contributed by Michael R. Rambo Jr.


  3. York, pa has a pretty cool structure. a 48 foot high boot that now serves ice cream. You can see it driving through York on route 30. i think it was supposed to be knocked down a few years ago and then was declared a historic landmark or something. the road they are building a 48 foot high pair of tiday whiteys.


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