We Didn’t Start The Fire

I think I’ve been stressed out lately. There’s been a couple things
driving the stress, but they’re all stupid things like:
– Figuring out how much I need to pay the health insurance company for
visits back in January. We still receive random bills with no real
– Trying to get paid. Now that I’m a contractor, I have to submit my
hours on a monthly basis and then wait for 15 days after that to get
paid. 45 days between paycheck are fun and exciting, but in my case,
it got even more exciting because there was a mistake made by the
accounts payable department that was going to hold up my paycheck until
– Taxes. Now that I’m an independent contractor, I have to take taxes
out of my own paycheck and submit them quarterly. To submit quarterly,
I have to estimate what I’ll make for the entire year to determine what
I need to pay now. Do I take into account what I made with my agency
or just the money I’ll make as an independent contractor? I started to
work on it and it looked like I’ll owe $20,000, I’m hiring an
accountant to figure this out, that’s too much.
– Personal liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance,
unemployment insurance. I may be required to have the aforementioned
insurances to maintain my position as independent contractor, none of
which I have any knowledge about.

This stuff is stressing me out because there’s very little information
available to guide you through all of this. It is all insanely
complicated, written in muddled and incomplete sentences, and every
government website is completely useless. I just keep hearing the
Billy Joel song in the back of my head, but with new words:

George Bush, OJ
9/11, Rachel Ray
Jack Black, Ed McMahon, Jose Canseco

Al Gore, CNN
Ellen is a lesbian
Paris Hilton, Perez Hilton, Republic of Kosovo

Swine Flu, Bristol Palin’s Ex,
Hospital Bills, Debit Card, writing many checks.

We didn’t start the fire
It’s always burning
since the world’s been turning
We didn’t start the fire
We didn’t light it,
but we tried to fight it

Worker’s comp, personal liability
send money now, pay a penalty
Jon & Kate are now divorced, I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Okay, my life isn’t that bad, but I just wish all of these insurance
bills, taxes, and types of personal insurance we’re much easier to
figure out. It’s like I now need to pay someone to tell me how much I
need to pay someone else (the government). I would much prefer to just
pay the government directly and be done with it. Honestly, all of this
craziness, the taxes, insurances, and wacky policies, are very
demotivating. The good news is that my taxes are being used to bail
out multi-million dollar corporations and huge bonuses, sponsor our
politician’s travel by jet planes, and a war that was started by
mistake. Okay, I need to turn the page and start looking on the bright

I have decided to enter the Bulldogs into a charitable softball
tournament this weekend. Jaclyn and I have a romantic getaway planned
for mid July, and a wonderful family vacation at the end of August.

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