History Of RKDeem – Brief Moment In Time (Square)

A couple years ago, back when I was a wild and crazy kid right out of
college, I had a vendor from work take me and some cohorts to NYC for
dinner, broadway show, and a night on the town. My work colleague
brought his wife, I was by myself. The work colleague and me were
really partying it up, we were at the Whisky Bar near Times Square.
The dance floor has a Saturday Night Fever feel to it where the panels
are all lit up with different colors. Anyways, my work colleague’s
wife was also a mother of 5 kids and she stated to get tired out around
midnight and wanted to go home. I was really annoyed with her that
night, I had never met her before, but I was really bummed out that the
evening was concluding. Now, with slightly more perspective, I can
understand why she wanted to get home. I will say this, I would still
be pretty hard to drag out of a bar with free drinks for a night, but I
can now at least understand her point of view a little bit better. I
think I only bring this up now because I was seriously annoyed that
night, I have now come to peace with it.

My mom sent me a touching email this morning. It was the last email
I’ll get from her work address, she is retired when today concludes.
I’ve gotten sentimental about jobs when I’ve only worked there for a
year, she’s worked at this company for over 20 years. As far back as I
can remember, she worked at this company. She’s won awards, worked at
the highest level of her profession, and really made a name for herself
at the company, I know, I worked at the same place for awhile. Growing
up, she always said to me, “I don’t care if you are a street sweeper,
just make sure you’re the best street sweeper you can be”, it is
evident that she really did a hell of a job with all the awards and
advancement in her career. When I think about my mom at work, I think
about how I called her when I got home from school. As a busy
professional now, I can’t imagine a 14 year old kid calling me to ask
what food is in the house? What can I have for a snack, there’s
nothing to do, etc. She was always patient and helpful, having an
exact inventory of food to eat, what games I had, and things to do.
People talk about work/life balance, I don’t think there was balance,
she just gave everything her all and now she gets a chance to enjoy the
time she earned. Congrats Mom, I’m very proud of you.

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