Fourth of July

“The corn is knee high by the Fourth of July.”

Ever walk through a corn field that was taller than you? Growing up we
lived near a big farm that had a pond, creek, and on the other side of
the creek, a very large corn field. We’d venture deep into the corn,
completely lost, surrounded by green and sugary smell of corn, you
would completely disappear. If you walked around long enough, you’d
have no idea where you were, the only way to navigate was to look into
the sky, look for the tops of the trees that congregate by the creek,
head towards the trees and make an escape.

I placed my vote for who I thought should be on the Major League
Baseball All Star teams. When I finished placing my vote, the website
said, “You can vote up to 25 times”. I thought that was really
annoying. I only voted once and will not vote another 24 times.

For July Fourth, I plan on grilling some shrimp in a cajun marinade
that I learned how to make while I worked at Heller’s Seafood. I’d
like to stay up late on July 3rd or 4th by the little outdoor firepit
and have a beer or two. Anyone interested in joining me?

Last night I took Winston and Jaclyn to a carnival held at a church in
Horsham. Winston has been to carnivals before, but wasn’t old enough
to take in the phantasmagoria of it all. He felt it last night.
“What’s that daddy? Wow daddy! What’s that there daddy?” He just
loved looking at the rides, the flashing colorful lights, the funnel
cake, and the general rise in sensation. He wanted to ride every ride,
well, maybe not the slow ones geared for him, but the big fast towering
rides, he wanted to be a part of it. Jaclyn and I ultimately decided
that it was a terrible risk to allow him on any ride, because he has
consistently demonstrated that he will not sit down for longer than 2
or 3 seconds, which is not a good tendency if you want to stay alive on
an amusement park ride. We were able to distract him with the petting
zoo and left thinking it would be another year until he’s ready for the
rides. Dalia on the other hand, she could ride any of the rides right
now, she just sits so perfectly still, just a happy little jelly bean.

Speaking of Dalia, last night she made a valient effort to steal her
brother’s dinner. Winston sits at a little blue table which is the
perfect size and height for a toddler, Dalia can crawl up to it and
pull herself up to a stand so she can survey the little blue table top.
She grabbed Winston’s plate and yanked it out right from under his
nose, the food fell to the floor and Dalia and the dog scrambled for
the droppings. Winston just doesn’t care much about food, I am totally
serious, Dalia eats more than him, she even tried to wrestle a
cheeseburger away from me on Saturday. She’s a funny girl, if she
keeps eating this much, her dates will make her go dutch.

Summer, summer, summer, I think it is finally here.

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