Equal Signs

I am at work. I just completed two big projects that I’ve been working
on for awhile and decided to take lunch at my desk and post a blog
entry. When I’m at work, I have to post through my email account
because my work blocks the web page where I would normally post from.
Posting from work has two drawbacks:
1. The blog entry gets riddled with equal signs all over the place
2. I can’t post any pictures.

If I could post pics, I’d post these:
1. David Byrne concert pics – excellent concert/performance by the way
2. Winston in his new official MLB Chase Utley Phillies jersey – makes
me tear up in joy when I see him in a baseball jersey and baseball hat
3. A pic of Dalia standing – she can now pull herself up with the help
of furniture and she’s very triumphant when she does

I took Winston fishing for the first time last weekend. He caught a
couple bass and some sunnies. Well, I did all the catching, but handed
him the rod when the fish was fairly close to shore and he’d run
backwards and swing the fish through the air until it flopped onto the
shore. He loved it. He would bend down over the fish, give it a
thorough inspection and reach his index finger out and slowly touch the
fish (imagine ET saying, “Phone Home”), once his finger made contact,
he would scream and squirm and run around in circles, which would
result in his feet getting tangled in the fishing line, which would
result in the hook I was holding getting yanked into my hand, which
would result in me screaming for mercy. Fish were released unharmed.
Winston was very interested in the bait, worms. He was more interested
in the worms than the fish. He peeled back the lid on the container
housing the worms and would root around until he pulled one out. Once
he had a worm, he’d typically throw it into the water, I think he was
trying to fish, just forgoing the rod, line, hook, etc. He wasn’t
catching much with this method, so he commandeered the entire container
of worms and emptied out the remaining two dozen into the water. We
were done fishing for the day and I deemed it a success. He was
covered in water, dirt, and the filth associated with fish and worms, I
am pretty sure he would have categorized it as successful too.

A quick update on my softball team, the Bulldogs. Our division has
really good teams and really bad teams. We have destroyed the really
bad teams, but struggled against the real good teams. This Sunday we
play the top team in our division at 12:45 in Hatfield. It should be a
great game and maybe if the weather is good enough, we could grill up
some hot dogs after the game. Anyone interested in rooting us on?

Like I said in my last post, I’ve been super busy with work, family,
and fun stuff. I hope to get some more pics up later this week.

Cell Phone Drama & Robinhood

Last Friday in the Outer Banks, the wind blew about 25 miles per hour.  Maybe you’re asking yourself what that has to do with cell phone drama, maybe you should be patient and keep reading!

The captain of the boat we chartered that day was hesitant to take us out into the ocean because of the strong winds, but we figured we’d give it a shot and we pushed out through the inlet and out into the choppy ocean.  The waves pounded the boat and we couldn’t stand up straight unless we were holding onto something.  As the waves rocked us violently, we crashed into the coolers, sides of the boat, and each other.  On a number of those collisions, my cell phone which was tucked into my side pocket, received the brunt of it. 

After the trip, I saw the screen of my phone was completely destroyed.  The device once capable of taking pictures, checking email, the internet, and making calls was almost completely useless (it could still make calls, I just couldn’t see who I was calling or who was calling me). 

So when I looked at TMobile’s website, they were charging me $399 to replace the phone without a 2 year contract extension and $329 with a 2 year extension.  I could cancel my contract for less than that and get the phone for free with better coverage on Verizon.

I called TMobile to cancel my phone and told them why, they immediately offered to replace the phone for $50 with a contract extension.  I saved $300 by making a phone call.

Speaking of saving money by making phone calls, Jaclyn fought our insurance company (Blue Cross Blue Shield) and appealed two decisions they made to not reimburse us for visits to the doctor and medication.  To their credit, they agreed with Jaclyn’s appeal and decided to reimburse us $700 that we’d already paid.  

This Friday, we’re going to see David Byrne in concert (former lead singer of the Talking Heads) at the Mann Music Center.  I can’t wait to bolt from work and tailgate in the parking lot.  

Winston and I are watching Disney’s Robin Hood.  I find it interesting that he steals not from the rich, but from the government, he basically steals the taxes that are being taken from the people and gives them back to the people who are paying the taxes.  It’s not like he is stealing, he’s just stealing back the money and returning it to the people it was stolen from.  Right now, I think about 25% of my paycheck is taken in taxes, I wish someone would steal it and give is back to me.  Since I’m working as a contractor, I don’t have taxes taken from my paycheck, I receive the whole amount which is awfully tempting.  When you actually see the whole paycheck, you want to do everything you can to avoid giving it to the government, its much easier to see it automatically taken out.  


Catching Up

There’s the ol’ Catch 22 when it comes to blog writing, you have no time to write when you are super busy and doing exciting things and you have plenty of time to write when you aren’t doing anything worth writing about.  Lately, I’ve been busy doing a lot of good things.  Today, I’ll just get out some pics and brief description, hopefully more will come later this week.

Here’s a pic of Winston and I kayaking on Lake Nockamixon, we had a wonderful bar-b-que and kayaking adventure on Memorial Day.  This particular kayak is a motorized kayak, called a Mokai.  The hat Winston is wearing is the only clothing item I have actually seen him pick out, he grabbed it off the shelf at Old Navy last year and loves it. 

My work sponsored an event at a Phillies game and we stayed in a suite.  The highlight for me was meeting the Phanatic!

This weekend we were in the Outer Banks fishing for Cobia, Tuna, and Mahi Mahi.  We only managed to catch Mahi Mahi, but we caught plenty of them.  This particular fish was about the average size caught on the trip.  The man pictured was the mate on the boat, the feet pictured belong to my brother.

This gas station sits at the Virginia boarder, lots of proud people grab cigarettes and 40 ouncers from this gas station.

That’s it for now, but there’s a lot more to report.  Missed you all and happy to be back.