Firing On All Cylinders

I need an intern to help me out with this blog:

– Must be willing to provide 5 to 10 hours a week for blog enhancements
– Some photography ability would be preferred, Google Image Search is
an acceptable alternative
– Willingness to drink beers and brainstorm over ideas for new postings

– Two Red Stripe Beers for each hour worked

Let me know if you have any candidates.

Why does the RKDeem need an intern? I’ve been working hard on all
fronts, throwing everything I have into every day and it feels good.
Beyond the pharma marketing, father of two, wife to one business, I’ve
been building a patio, reading Atlas Shrugged, making a fabulous soul
music CD, and planning a romantic getaway to Philly. Here’s an update
on all:

Pharma Marketing: I’m proud of the work I’ve been doing lately,
sincerely trying to make life better for the patients who need our
drug. The other day, I was wearing a shirt with my drug’s logo on it
at Lowe’s while picking up patio supplies (I know, I know, wearing a
shirt with a drug logo means I’m slipping from the apex of fashion) and
a woman comes up to me and tells me she’s using that drug. I was able
to tell her how to get discounts and educational resources, things that
will help her. Sometimes I get cynical about marketing, but lately I’m
doing my best to make the most of it, I’m positioning myself and the
product as the one who does the right thing. Thinking back, I’m happy
I wasn’t wearing a viagra shirt when someone approached me, that would
have been an awkward conversation. There’s talk of me transitioning
from a contractor to a permanent employee, we’ll see, it needs to go
through many rounds of approvals, but I really hope it happens.

Father of two: Dalia has teeth coming in, resulting in a fever and
poor sleep. I was using all sorts of tools, tractors, and rocks to
build the patio, Winston was in heaven, men just are born in love with

Wife to one: Jac and I have been trying to sock away money for a
house, we think we’re making some ground and hope to make the plunge in
the fall. We’re looking for a nice modest place that we can call home,
nothing fancy, but something with a little bit of character. With
kids, you sort of have goals for each individual day, like trying to
keep your kids safe and maybe teach them not to poop their pants, but
this house has been a long term goal with some setups along the way.
If this is something we accomplish, it is something that I will be
proud of.

Building a patio: Patio is built and turned out really nice. I would
say I am proud of it. I worked hard on the thing, there was a lot of
sweat and sore muscles involved, but it felt great doing honest work in
the sun. I’ll be spending a lot of time on that patio, it will feel
great sitting on something that I built. (Intern will take a picture
and post to blog soon)

Reading Atlas Shrugged: The book is amazing, I knew it would be. I
typically read about 10 pages a night, I’m on page 350 now with about
900 pages to go. So far, I can tell you this book has made me despise
communism (and I used to be fairly open to the idea) and in someways,
it has made me dislike government more than I already do. It’s a good
book if you’re in the mood for a revolution, but we’ll see how the next
900 pages go.

Soul Music CD: Jac’s dad appreciates soul music just as much as I do
and asked for a CD, there was so much good music in that era it makes
no sense that people don’t sing it as much today. The CD is complete
and anyone is welcome to a copy of it.

Romantic Getaway in Philly: It will be romantic, fun and relaxing, but
it will also feature a little fun for the RKDeem. I begged my wife to
join me for a tour of Citizen’s Bank Park to start off the day. The
tour goes through the dugout, locker room, media room (where they have
post game press conferences), and the broadcast booth. Once the tour
is over, I’ll spoil Jaclyn and we’ll probably do some dancing late at
night…any recommendations?

It feels good working with my hands, my mind, reading, exploring,
raising kids, building, etc. I’ve been busy, but damn it feels good to
be busy.

3 thoughts on “Firing On All Cylinders

  1. Rob – I will be your intern! So happy to hear you are doing well – I would have no idea what you are up to without this blog. However, I am not happy to hear you are wearing the pharma logo on your shirt. Are you getting paid extra for that mobile marketing?? I would check on that… Stay in touch! Kate


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