Light My Fire

It has been the summer of fires in the backyard.  This Saturday we had the fire going with a couple friends and some cold beer in the cooler. I made two mistakes for this occasion:

1.  Ran out of beer around midnight, which was a mistake at the time, but since I was woken up by Winston at 5AM the next morning, it may have been a very good mistake to make
2.  I forgot to bring out my iPod music player, instead we were forced to hold conversation with each other

I have used up all my wood, in fact, I think I might have stolen wood for Saturday’s fire.  I’m not sure if I stole it or not, it was cut up nicely and stacked near the side of a road by a playground.  If you can prove that it was your wood, I will gladly compensate you fair market value.  I need to cut down some trees to feed my habit. 

Earlier on Saturday, I had Winston to myself because Jaclyn and Dalia went to a bridal shower.  I think men and women think very differently.  It takes Jaclyn nearly an hour to get the kids ready to go on a trip to a Wawa, as soon as Jaclyn left the house, I dressed Winston in a Chase Utley jersey, put some shoes on his feet, and off we went, 5 minutes flat.  We visited my Grandparents and then headed to New Hope to ride the Steam Engine Train.  I can’t remember exactly how much it cost, Winston dropped a nalgene bottle on my big toe during the transaction and I nearly cried (Nalgene is so damn hard, I think you could kill someone with one of those bottles).  Anyways, it is kind of expensive, I want to say the total cost for Winston and I was $29.  The ride lasted about 45 minutes, there was a tour guide who talked the whole time, but we just sat away from him and basically had an entire coach to ourselves.  The train is old, classic, and beautiful.  Winston and I sat next to an open window and enjoyed every minute.  He’s at an age where he’s in love with trains, his appreciation of the event made the cost seem reasonable.  Midway through the ride, I realized that in my super cool manly quick departure, I failed to pack any diapers or stuff to change him.  I figured this to be a problem since it had been about 2 hours since we left the house.  After the train ride, I bought some diapers and baby wipes at a CVS and changed him (problem solved). 

Winston and I checked out a couple shops in New Hope, added a Lightning McQueen pez dispenser to his collection, and a new bright Yellow Train that can motor quite well once you pull it back and release. 

Dalia is reported to have taken her first steps on her own while I was playing softball.  She’s getting close to the age where we can really have fun.  I can really make her laugh with funny faces and noises, but I love when they’re old enough to play some games. 

Amazing lightning storm last night, like a strobe light, power went out for about a minute, it is kind of fun when the power goes out briefly. 

If you need some fire in your life, give me a call and we can burn wood together. 

A bad credit score is 600 & below. Checking won’t affect your score. See now!

3 thoughts on “Light My Fire

  1. We went on that train with Zac. It was so cool. Did you see the house that was part of the Underground Railroad? I do agree that it was a little pricey for the length of the trip but hey its a genuine steam engine. Again we had such a great time with you all. I hope its not too long before we see you again. Give kisses to Dalia and Winston for us.


  2. Howdy Mica,I’ll give the family extra kisses from you and your family. Thanks so much for reading, I love when I hear from all my friends & family.Love,Rob


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