Mom Kayaks In Backyard & Eagles Flight Night

It’s close to midnight on Sunday, I need to sleep because I have a crazy work week starting in 6 hours. 

Here’s some good stuff from the weekend:
1.  My parent’s backyard has a creek that typically runs about 24 inches across, we had a freak thunderstorm and it swelled up to about 50 feet across and we seized the opportunitiy with an excellent kayak run.  Notice mom having to go through an open gate to make it across the whole yard.

Jaclyn, Winston, Dalia and I all went to Eagles Flight Night at Lincoln Financial Field.  It was a ton of fun with all kinds of prizes, t-shirts being shot from cannons, movies, and fireworks to constantly keep your attention.  It was awesome to get an early taste of the football season.  I think Winston actually loved it, loved it all.  Dalia was pretty concerned by the loud PA system, ACDC music, and pyrotechnics.

Dalia freaking:

Deem Family:

Me after a successful kayak run

3 thoughts on “Mom Kayaks In Backyard & Eagles Flight Night

  1. Wow, Winston looks a lot like David Bass in the Deem family picture. Make sure he knows its not a good idea to pull a plug from an outlet with his teeth.Love the video of your Mom kayaking.


  2. He looks like an actual boy in that picture, these kids are growing up fast. I love how the kayak has to make it through the opened gate to complete the run.


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