Google Ad Sense (The Ads On The Left Side of the Blog) – General Blog Statistics

In case any of you are wondering, here’s an update on the RKDeemReport’s blog:

In the last year, the blog has been hit over 13,000 times (excludes search engine bots that roam around the web marking content).  Generally, is getting between 300 and 500 hits a week.  Here’s some interesting stats:

1.  A large percentage of hits are coming from two things:
       a.  Referring sites that utilize some of the images from my site.  One image in particular gets a lot of attention, it is a picture of me and Jaclyn in November 2007 in a hot tub, there’s a caption above the image that says if you look close enough, you can see that I’m naked.  This claim was totally false, but an image paired with the work “naked” generates a lot of hits.  If you’re trying to drive traffic to your web site, naked pictures is one way to do it (I am not endorsing that as the best or only solution, just one way of accomplishing a goal). 
       b.  The Google search engine drives a lot of people to my site.  People like to Google the best bar in Doylestown, Gross’ Chicken, Enterprise Rent A Car, etc.  A funny side note is that I was looking at what people were searching for when they ended up at my site and someone entered this into Google, “Ever rent a car and destroy it?”  I have no way of contacting that person, but I’d love to know if he/she destroyed a rented vehicle. When I was being forced to sell the damage waiver at Enterprise, I always thought that someday I’d come back and rent a car, take out full insurance for $29.99 and drive the car off a ramp into a lake or something.

2.  The most popular entries driving traffic to my site are General Tso vs. Colonel Sanders – Who Wins, Best of the Worst Bars in Doylestown, Guns and Fireworks, and the Enterprise Rent a Car Job

3.  I switched over to a blog where I could host ads, the switch cost me $2.99 a month, but my hope was to generate ad revenue that would ultimately exceed the $2.99 a month expense.  Here’s the numbers:

$2.99 payment from October 2008 to Present (11x$2.99= $32.89).  Google Ad Revenue = $17.49 (for a total of 49 clicks).  My venture into online advertising has netted a loss of $15.41, maybe I can write the loss off in my taxes?  I intend to keep the blog in its current format and lose the website, I may even try to move the blog over to, I’ll let you know.  If you’re reading this far down, please click on an ad or two and help me recoup some of my operating expenses.  Don’t click too much, I am not ready to retire yet.

Overall, I’m still proud of the product I’m putting out.  August 7th marks the second complete year of the blog and I think it documents some amazing stuff and some not very amazing stuff, but a pretty good reflection of what’s been happening. 

Thank you all for reading, I really do appreciate it. 

5 thoughts on “Google Ad Sense (The Ads On The Left Side of the Blog) – General Blog Statistics

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