Oklahoma Joe’s in Kansas City in Missouri

I have had a busy day or yardwork and I’m ready to crash, but here’s some pics that I want to share:

Winston and I in the Lost River Caverns in Bethlehem, PA.  Overall, I’d say the cave was worth the $9 price of admission, but barely.  I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it and we didn’t have to.  We were in Bethlehem for Eagles Training Camp.  The one thing that we learned was this, a stalactite is tightly secured to the ceiling of a cave, a stalagmite might some day reach the ceiling, that’s how you can tell the two apart.

Had to go to Kansas City for work, everybody told me to hit up the plaza, aka the Mission District.  It was upscale, trendy, and artsy, but it was completely Disneyland, not really authentic or specific to KC, just a series of shops built to attract tourists.  It was nice and I’m sure it is popular with many, but I needed to find something that was real deal KC.

I wanted to find the real deal and I did!  I tracked down the best barbeque joint I’ve ever encountered and a place that is unique to Kansas City.  The place was called Oklahoma Joe’s and I never would have found it without the GPS, it’s basically in the middle of nowhere, even when I arrived, I didn’t know I was there, it looked like a gas station to me and I was right. 

There was a small sign and a neon pig that verified the gas station also sold barbeque, so I stepped inside and was introduced to pure heaven.  The restaurant is half mini-mart, just like you’d find ay any gas station, but the other half was a terrific barbeque joint that served up glorious, glorious food.  If you’re ever in KC, find Oklahoma Joe’s. 

As I headed home to the airport, I found a River Boat Casino and decided to check it out.  Nothing particularly interesting about a River Boat Casino, they don’t allow gambling on the land, but you’re allowed to gamble on the Missouri River.  It’s not really a boat though and I was disappointed to learn that.  It is just a big building built in the river. 

You have to walk over about a 12 foot bridge to get on the river boat, once you’re in, it’s like any other casino.

Except it is in Kansas, so there’s farmers, note the truck hauling hay parked in the casino parking lot.  Three people exited the truck, one of them was a girl who had a t-shirt that said, “Rather Be Farming”

2 thoughts on “Oklahoma Joe’s in Kansas City in Missouri

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