Blog Update

In a couple of days, the blog will be taking over my main web page.  This will save me money and it will be easier to tell people to go to RKDeemReort vs. telling them to go to blog.RKDeemReport.  I am working on creating a redirect so if you still go to, you’ll automatically end up at the new location. 
This weekend we ended up having a party in my in-law’s garage.  It was an excellent time thanks to my friend’s donated beer pong table.  Beer pong was fun, but flip cup seemed to bring out the fiercest competition from the entire group.  I’ll have to post some pics, there’s some very funny images from the night.  My sister celebrated her 25th birthday that night, she’s quite a trip, never fails to represent the Deem family name with pride.  Happy Birthday Kate!
This week I’ll be working the Eagle’s preseason game, if you’re headed down let me know.  I’m hoping I get to see Michael Vick take some snaps, I’m ready to be his fan. 
Next week I’m headed up to the 1,000 Islands for a week long vacation, I think we’re stopping in Ithaca on the way home. 
Remember, the blog will be moving in a couple of days, so just go to RKDeemReport if you don’t find it here.

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