Rising Tide

Howdy my friends!  It has been too long since I posted an entry.  The past couple weeks have been insane.  Kids haven’t been sleeping, work has been demanding 12-15 hour days, and a very long vacation have kept me from puttering around on the internet. 

I’ll skip over the boring work stuff, but one thing that was fairly exciting was that I ran a booth at an Eagles preseason game talking to all fans about our pharma product.  Had a great time talking to people about how they can save money on their meds and providing them with information that I helped create and that they found useful.  At the end of the night, I kicked back and rooted on Michael Vick in his debut feeling like I did some good work.

Vacation was awesome, I was gone from August 30 to September 7, I was in upstate NY, even spent 5 minutes in Canada and a couple days in Ithaca too.  I was everywhere and we crammed a ton into every day.  I’ll keep it short and let the pictures do most of the talking.

In the Thousand Islands, we stayed at a house on the Saint Lawrence River.  Boldt Castle, behind us in the pic below was in perfect view from our back porch.  If you every vacation in the Thousand Islands, rent a boat, you need to see the beautiful homes, islands, and boats from the water, if you don’t you’re missing a lot.

This is the power station that was built in the early 1920’s for Boldt Castle, very small portion of a magnificent estate.  Boldt Castle is now a public park and you can tour the castle and the entire island, a must see.

Houses are on almost every island, this island has just enough room for the house on it.  Within 100 yards of this island, the water is over 100 feet deep.

Temps in early September were in the 70’s by day, low 40’s at night.  We all managed to get some great swimming in though.

We stayed on Wellesley Island and Jac and I purchased matching sweatshirts to help us deal with the cold mornings.  Jac is rocking the nautical look.

Just a cute pic of Dalia Deem with a sweet Phillies dress

Dalia on the move

There were some random antlers lying around our vacation house, Winston put them on his head to resemble a big buck deer.

At Matt & Shanna’s new house, Winston got amazingly close to a big buck – look in the background

The buck got startled and we all hid behind the car

Just a funny pic from the garage party

The women and kids visited a massive farm/petting zoo called Old McDonald’s Farm in Sackett’s Harbor, this video is hilarious with sound

I need to grab some pics off my dad’s camera, but I managed to catch a 26lb King Salmon, I’ll post once I track down the photo.

Thanks for your patience, hope you enjoyed.  It’s great to be back puttering on the internet.

6 thoughts on “Rising Tide

  1. What fantastic photos. I was trying to figure out which one was my favorite, Winston driving a boat, Winston antagonizing a deer, Dalia rooting on the Phillies, Rob & Jackie in matching sweatshirts, or the video of cow mayhem. I love ’em all!Looks like an all around great vacation. I’m definitely looking forward to checking out this fish you caught too!


  2. Only 5 minutes in Canada? What happened, was Rush playing and you needed to run as far away as possible. you look like the Skipper and Gilligan. The picture of Win with the buck in the background is great. my email enlarged it when i first opened it and it looks photoshopped!who was all on vacation? the whole Deem fam?Here, to help your hits:ObamaApple IpodNFL Week 1AIDSKane


  3. Well now that you are ENGAGED, you can start dressing like that all the time. That is what I did with Jaclyn, I used to resemble Robert Pattinson, but now I just play softball and fantasy football, we call it the ol’ bait & switch.


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