New York City

RKDeem Endorses: Grand Central Station in New York City.  It is such a shame that the vast majority of the millions of people who take the train into NYC are deposited into Manhattan’s Penn Station.  The real gem, one of my most favorite displays of architecture anywhere, is the smaller, but much more grand, Grand Central Station.  I’m entering this blog via email, so I can’t post a picture, but do yourself a favor and do a Google Image search of Grand Central Station and look at how beautiful it is.  You can still catch a train out of Grand Central, but largest volume has now been routed to the dingy and boring Penn Station.  Grand Central is gorgeous, but the appeal doesn’t stop there, you can find an incredible market and excellent restaurants with comfy, clean and open seating for you to enjoy.  I guess Grand Central couldn’t be so nice if it received the bulk of New York City’s traffic.  Honestly, if you’re going to be a tourist in NYC for a day, you must make this one of your stops.  Grab lunch from one of the many restaurants downstairs, they are reasonable, delicious, and there’s plenty to see.
Morning:  I had a meeting on my calendar for 6:30AM today, so when I walked out of my bedroom I saw my wife buried under the covers with just her hair poking out the covers.  Winston was snoring on an auxiliary mattress on the floor in the downward dog position (this is the only yoga term I know), and Dalia was screaming her crib in the other bedroom, so I laid her down next to her mother.  I covered Winston up, told the gang that I loved them, and crept out down the hallway.  What a crew.
New York was…:  Great!  What a perfect place to take a 3 year old.  Winston loved the cranes, planes, trains, tunnels, Times Square Hershey Chocolate Store, M&Ms World, Grand Central Station, going to the top of 30 Rockefeller (70 floors up!), and meeting up with friends Kristin & Kyle.  By the way, taking the elevator up to the top of 30 Rock (as they call it in the biz) is one of the craziest things I have ever done in my life.  The top of the elevator is somewhat see through, with a TV playing on the ceiling.  You can see through the TV on the ceiling of the elevator and see straight up the elevator shaft which is lit by 4 blue lights at every floor.  Once the elevator takes off, it is like flying through space in hyperdrive (I had to unveil my geekiness at some point!) with all the bright blue lights of every floor passing you by.  It is honestly so high up, you can’t see the top, although Dalia tried, I held her legs tight and she leaned back so far that she was completely perpendicular to my body and she just stared as we ascending through the building.  Once we were at the top of the building, we could see the entire island of Manhattan, probably quite a bit of all the surrounding boroughs too.  We were about level with the top of the Empire State Building and you have 360 degree views, another excellent thing to do while you’re in NYC.  You’re about level with the helicopters and Central Park looks like a postage stamp, pretty incredible. 
 On the horizon:  I’m turning 31 on October 7.  Pumpkin picking.  Burning more wood.  Local vinyards.

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