My work blocks a lot of websites.  No YouTube, Facebook, Fantasy Football, or porn.  With the web restrictions, I have to become a little more creative in finding interesting web content.  I love it that my friends have blogs because they are not blocked by the filters, is not blocked by the filters, ebay is not blocked by the filters, and (Sports Illustrated) is not blocked by the filers.  I’d love to hear your opinions about what sites I should check out.  One benefit of the web site filter is that it has broken my habit of checking out video game websites since they are all blocked now.  No more daily updates on Call Of Duty cheats.
It has been an exhausting week, still have to post a bunch of pictures from last weekend and maybe from the weekend before too.  Tomorrow we’re heading to the aquarium in Philadelphia, I’d love to tack on a Phillies game too, we will see. 
Just found out that I’ll be heading down to Florida for a couple days later this month for work.  I wonder if I can take a train down there just for the heck of it.  I hate airports, I don’t mind flying, but I hate airports. 
I’m still plugging along on Atlas Shrugged, what a long book.  I think a person without two small children could have finished it by now, but I’m just plowing ahead a couple pages a night.  I love the book and think that anyone who’s considering communism should read it before they make the leap. 
I would have loved to meet Ayn Rand the author of Atlas Shrugged, she must have been the most interesting human being. She started her own philosophy and was a mentor to a young Alan Greenspan.  I think the world would have been a completely different place if she had been a man.    

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