Today is my birthday.  Not very big into presents, I mean, I like presents, but I’m more into the celebration.  I think my favorite part of my birthday is how Jaclyn lets me expand it into “Birthday Week” and she’s extra nice to me all week.  This Birthday Week has been off to a great start with a trip to the bar on Monday and today I plan on seeing the Phillies in game 1 of the playoffs. Tonight I think I’ll get home to some cake and blow out some candles.  31 candles is too much.  As for what I’ll wish for, here’s a quick list of things that come to mind:
1.  I wish that the last season of LOST is awesome!
2.  I wish that I catch a foul ball today (but that is wishing for something in the past, this is like credit card wishing)
3.  I wish that the Bulldogs win a consecutive championship this Fall
4.  I wish that I get hired by this pharmaceutical company as a full-time employee
5.  I wish that once I am hired we can finally buy a house that my family can call home
6.  I wish that Dalia starts sleeping through the night
7.  I wish that my wife somehow starts to appreciate fantasy football instead of despising it
8.  I wish that I can see Away We Go, Diving Bell & the Butterfly, and Observe & Report on DVD in the near future
9.  I wish that I can see A Serious Man at the movie theater
10.  I wish that my family always stays fun, passionate, energetic, and exciting.  I may be getting old, but my portfolio is getting younger and it makes me feel young too. 
How does it feel to be 31?  I still feel like I’m learning, I still feel young vs. old, I feel madly in love with my wife, I still feel energized, and I feel really happy with where I am, but even more excited about where we’re heading. 
Go Phillies!

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