Miami Beach

It has been a busy couple of months, extreme busy.  I was in Atl=
antic City this weekend, Ceasar’s Palace after a wedding.  I left my=
wallet at home by mistake, but still managed to lose $20.
The wedding was for Jaclyn’s cousin and the reception was held at an=
exquisite estate called the Carriage House in Galloway, NJ. The place loo=
ks just like the White House, take a look, here’s the website:
Seriously, take a quick look at the site, the place looks like the Wh=
ite House, but cooler.
After the reception, Jac, Laurie, Lev, and another cousin Melissa all=
headed to AC.  A guy came up to me and handed me a cell phone and a=
piece of paper, I think he wanted me to dial the number on the paper, I=
wanted nothing to do with it.  My cell phone was out of power and my=
wallet was left at home in Warrington.  I was without money or a cel=
l phone, it was strangely liberating.
We took Winston to the beach at the adjacent town called Brigantine.&=
nbsp; Winston dug up some sea shells and then ran into the waves and drenc=
hed in the cold salty water.  He laughed, smiled, and just yelled wit=
h joy, he would have stayed in that water until the tides got tired, he wa=
s happy as a clam. 
Dalia enjoyed the sea gulls and the fresh sea breeze, these kids are=
something special, they just love the world, they love all the elements.

We stayed up late in AC, but were woken up early by the kids who were=
being watched by my sister.  I was exhausted on Sunday and fell asle=
ep by 9PM.
Today I had to flew to Miami, FL.  I return on Thursday evening.=
  It is hot and humid down here, about 80 degrees, when I exit air co=
nditioning, my glasses fog up like crazy and it takes awhile for the glass=
to adjust to this thick warm air. 
I had trouble getting to my hotel because Barack Obama is two hotels=
down from me at a fund raiser at the FountaineBleu hotel.  I’m at th=
e Eden Roc, it is very Miami, a cocktail of modern, beach, and industrial.=
  The lobby has clubby lounge music playing, I walked by the unrelent=
ing thumping and retired to my room.
Mohammad Ali marathon on ESPM Classic, I’ll fall asleep with that on=
the TV.
Good night. 
I loved my wife’s dress this weekend, she’s one momma!

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