Miami, Halloween, World Series, Exhaustion

Honestly, my life has been at a pace that I’ve never imagined, cramming way too much into the past couple weeks. I feel like I could sleep all week if I had the time.

Here are my final thoughts on Miami Beach & South Beach:

Did you ever walk into a club and the lighting, vibe, and atmosphere was all done in a way to make it seem like you’re really cool? That is kind of how all Miami Beach & South Beach is, it is like one long cool night club, there’s always a pulsing beat in the background and even the street lamps are ocean colored halogens that mist light greens and blues into the warm air.
South Beach is a constant barrage of night clubs and restaurants, each with its own hustler trying to gain your business. “Free drink with your meal sir!”, “Lobster dinner is only $30!”, “Menu?”, “We can sit you right away?” I find that stuff annoying, but it is probably necessary for them to compete. I’d rather eat at a place with a positive reputation than on the place who was able to hook me in. If you go down there, do some research first so you don’t have to deal with those crazy people in front of the restaurants.
I ate at Gloria Estafon’s restaurant, Lario’s On The Beach, as a guest of some attendees from the meeting I was participating in. The food was good, didn’t see the beach, and the atmosphere was fine, but nothing distinct about it. I guess this restuarant sums up my disappointment with Miami, I never felt like I was near an ocean even though the ocean wasn’t far away. It is not a beach town, it is a town with a beach near by, I like my beach towns to be more beach and less town. Oh, I did not see Gloria Estafon, but wouldn’t have cared if I did.
I walked several miles while in Miami and never found one thing that I’d call out as a must see or distinctive, I’d give the place a 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Halloween was great, had an amazing time. I was still tired from my trip to Miami and didn’t want to get too out of control, but those plans were quickly erased once Flip Cup started in the garage. Wine tasting was a success, I think a lot of people enjoyed the wine from Rushland Ridge and Washington’s Crossing Vinyards.

I have about 6 weeks of pictures that I need to post, I will get them up there, I promise.

Last night I went to Game 4 of the World Series. A dream come true, watching my beloved Philadelphia Phillies play in a World Series game. I did something that I have always wanted to do at a major league baseball game, I kept score, I penciled in all the hits, outs, and runs into the scorecard that came with the program. People all around me were asking me who was up, who did what, did I score it a hit or error, it was a lot of fun and something I’ll definitely do in the future, but probably can’t do it with the kids around. Maybe Winston will love statistics like me or maybe I’ll just score his games when he’s out on the field in a couple years from now. I definitely love the National Anthem, it’s not some corny song about USA being great, it is about a night where we got the crap kicked out of us by the British Navy and when the sun came up and our flag was still there. The tune of the song is actually from a popular drinking song at the time, that makes our Anthem even awesomer. The song just boils it down so nicely, there’s so much fake news out there, so much useless noise in politics, but when it comes down to it, I think everyone is very passionate about this country and hopes that the flag never falls.

The atmosphere was very similar to the previous playoff games I attended, just even more people in attendance (which I did not think possible) and people spending a ton more money. Media was everywhere, a lot of New York fans had infiltrated our home stadium, which I give them credit for, but I was sitting next to one of them and I felt like I was going to get attacked just for having the seat next to a New York fan.

I can’t write anymore, got to get to work. Thank you for everyone who we saw on Halloween, it was a wonderful time.

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