My Sister Is Engaged!

Received an euphoric call from my sister today, she announced that she’s engaged.  Jaclyn’s sister Laurie is engaged and now my sister is engaged too, I’m pretty sure these will be two rowdy weddings and I can’t wait for them both. 

For those of you who haven’t met Mark, he’s a class act, intelligent, thoughtful, a decent fisherman, and best of all, a true Philly sports fan!  If he liked the Cowboys, I am not sure we could let him join our family.

On to other news, we went to the Willow Grove Mall today and Winston was throwing change into the big water fountains and fell in head first.  There we were, standing in the middle of the mall with a kid who was drenched from head to toe.  Jaclyn had to buy a change of clothes and a towel at the Sears in the mall.  I think Winston is one of the most crazy kids I’ve ever seen, but the cool thing about your kids is that you give them everything you have, you go “all in” and put every chip on them to be wonderful and I know other folks looked at us in the mall like we were somewhat dysfunctional, but I’m positive he’ll be an amazing human being as he grows up.

Dalia turned 1 and she’s a brute, she walks around the house looking for trouble, opening drawers and cabinets, stealing Winston’s food off his plate, and grabbing any dog or animal that happens to be in the house.  She said something that resembled “dada” today, she’s talking a lot, babbling, and making a motor boat noise.  She’s just an incredible specimen, she is catching up to Winston.

Thank you to everyone who wished Dalia a happy birthday, she was so happy and excited about the party, she had trouble falling asleep, she just wanted to be the center of attention for as long as possible.

2 thoughts on “My Sister Is Engaged!

  1. Robert, thank you for all the sweet words! We were so excited to let everyone know! Mark is amazing and we have had an amazing time in Baltimore – we actually are staying an extra night. I love you, Jaclyn & the kids so much. We can’t wait to celebrate when we come home!


  2. Ps. Winston is amazing & such a character. He probably thought it was the coolest thing ever to go swimming. Every kids wonders what it would be like to swim in the fountain at the mall. We truly enjoyed D’s birthday. Got great pictures & can’t wait to give her the present! Much love.


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