Big Week Coming Up

Next week I’ll be going to the Phish concert at the Wachovia Center. I’m not going to lie, I am not a Phish fan. There’s some music like Britney Spears or No Doubt where I’m not a fan, but could understand how people would be fans of their music, for Phish, it is a group that is fairly difficult for me to understand how people like their music. My initial hypothesis was that people must be high on drugs to really enjoy their music, but after seeing Jaclyn jam out to them in her car (not under the influence of drugs!), I realize that my first hypothesis was wrong. My fallback hypothesis is that people saw them in concert, were amazed at how they perform live on stage and their studio recordings bring back memories of the great concert experience, since I was never at a concert, the CDs do not generate any emotion. Next week you will get my full review of a Phish show.

The Phish show is Thanksgiving Eve, then we have Thanksgiving, then on Thanksgiving night, I will head way, way, way out into the ocean on a boat that departs in the darkness of morning and try to catch some ling, sea bass, and any other creature I can summon from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

The balance of this week will be fairly low key, maybe a walk along High Rocks in Tinicum.

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