Inconvenient Truth

Just a couple weeks ago, Winston had an incident at the Willow Grove Mall where he accidentally fell into the big water fountain.  We tried our luck again and returned to the Willow Grove Mall with the family last night.  It takes us about a half hour to get the kids prepped and ready to go out on a shopping excursion, then we travel about 30 minutes to get to the mall, we got to the mall right at dinner time.  We make it about 50 yards into the mall, right into the heart of the food court when Winston starts coughing and then vomits on the floor.  I’m a little concerned and kneel down beside the little guy and wipe his mouth with a napkin, while I dab his mouth, he erupts again and pukes all over my hand and it falls onto my right sandal in between my toes.  At this point, I feel horrible for Winston, horrible for the people all around us in the food court enjoying their meal, and slightly embarrassed.   Winston pukes another four times in the next minute.  It takes about 5 minutes for a custodial guy to come and help out, I go to the bathroom to wash off my hands and sandal.  Winston acts like nothing ever happened and is ready to get down to shopping, but I couldn’t let him continue, I made us turn around and get the heck out of there.

Phish concert was good, but I made the mistake of being “peer pressured” into a big shot of Crown Royal before leaving the limo.  I was really buzzed and ended up missing lots of the show and playing Super Crane and winning a couple stuffed animals, sometimes I am even too weird for my own standards.  We have some pics and I will post when I have a chance.

Today I worked at an Eagles game, talking about my pharma product with anyone who’d listen.  After working the booth, I met my sister, her fiance Mark, and Jaclyn in the stadium to watch the Eagles beat the Redskins.  We were really close to the action and I took a little video of the players walking off the field, we were only 3 rows from the field, it was awesome, especially on goal line plays.

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