Fwd: I Do Not Want To Hear From You – Stop Sending Me Communications

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Cc: deborah.fowlkes@temple.edu; fellmanj2@hotmail.com; help@temple.edu; ingrid.thack@temple.edu; jennifer.trautwein@temple.edu; myowlspacehelp@temple.edu; tilghman.moyer@temple.edu ; rkdeem@aol.com
Sent: Sat, Dec 5, 2009 9:41 am
Subject: Re: I Do Not Want To Hear From You – Stop Sending Me Communications

Hello Temple University,

After an email exchange with you and a promise to be removed from future mailing lists, I have received another exclusive opportunity to save on auto insurance from Temple’s Alumni Association (this was a printed communication sent via the postal service).

Liberty Mutual is offering members of Temple’s Alumni Association 20% off their already competitive auto and home insurance rates!

I work in marketing, I know that Liberty Mutual pays to receive a list of names to distribute this junk mail. Thank you for selling my name and address without my consent! Please remove my name from this list, I have not opted in, I have tried to opt out, and I have been assured that I would not receive this junk mail in the future that is a waste of time/natural resources.

I wouldn’t be annoyed about this if there was an honest and up front communication that said the Alumni Association would appreciate me signing up to receive junk mail to generate revenue for the following initiatives:
Reduce tuition – x amount of junk mail programs stabilizes tuition and we can avoid tuition increase
Subsidize text books – y amount of junk mail programs can provide 5% discount on books
Expand the campus – Z amount of junk mail programs will buy a building

Maybe in a couple years when I am finished paying off my student loans, I will be less sensitive to your continued efforts to profit from me.


Cell: 267.261.2630

08/06/2009 08:59 AM


tilghman.moyer@temple.edu , jennifer.trautwein@temple.edu, deborah.fowlkes@temple.edu, ingrid.thack@temple.edu


help@temple.edu, myowlspacehelp@temple.edu, fellmanj2@hotmail.com


I Do Not Want To Hear From You – Stop Sending Me Communications

Dear Temple University,

I do not want emails or any other type of mail from you. I have tried to unsubscribe from your emails, but instead of a simple link to unsubscribe, I am taken to a site where I need a user name and a password. I do not have a user name and a password because I never signed up to receive useless communications from Temple. I never opted in to receive these communications and now I cannot opt out, this is spam and an invasion of privacy.

For the junk mail you send through the US Postal service offering insurance deals and other “great opportunities brought to us by Temple University”, there is no way to opt out of those communications either. Since you have profited from selling my name and address to a vender, I do not feel compelled to donate anything more to your university.

I liked my time at Temple, I’d recommend friends to go there in the future, but I think you need to improve your communications. Since I’ve graduated, I’ve been asked if I want to give incremental money to you (on top of my student loans) and if want to get different types of insurance through companies partnering with Temple. These are not topics that I want to hear about, these are not topics that are useful to me or Temple. Here are some subjects that would probably benefit Temple and the audience you’re reaching out to:

1. Temple is offering a workshop on “How To Stay Valuable In A Down Economy (job retention)” – it gets people back on your campus, you can introduce MBA programs, it gets people thinking that Temple actually cares and it is worth donating money to them.
2. Offer a workshop on changing professions – Excellent opportunity to get people back on campus and taking more courses. There’s a lot of people who fall into this category, once again, this is an opportunity to make people think you actually care about the alumni and want to maintain a “real” dialogue
3. I’d actually like to know if any of my peers have gone on to open their own Philly businesses, encourage alumni to send in info about themselves and their businesses, let’s find out the places people have gone, let’s build a better community, have a photo contest
4. Tell me why Temple is a good investment? Let us hear about the business end of the deal, I like the touchy feely stuff about new Student Activity Centers and new coffee shops in the cafeteria, but you never share details of what really matters, what are you doing to keep costs down? Are you investing and are those investments working? How did you allocate the money that was given to you through state and alumni donations? Is my donation going towards the president’s salary (in 2008, Temple University’s Ann Weaver Hart made $572,900)?
5. Give people an opportunity to opt out if you fail to make your communications interesting and not make me contact IT or tech support

Good luck and you can do better.

My email address to be removed is rkdeem@aol.com
The home address on file is: 
XYZ Old York Road
Doylestown, PA 18901


This message is intended solely for the designated recipient(s). It may contain
onfidential or proprietary information and may be subject to attorney-client
rivilege or other confidentiality protections. If you are not a designated
ecipient you may not review, copy or distribute this message.
f you receive this in error, please notify the sender by reply e-mail
nd delete this message. Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Fwd: I Do Not Want To Hear From You – Stop Sending Me Communications

  1. To be fair to Temple, I have received a well thought out and fair response to both of these communications, despite my angry tone. I’m really not mad at Temple, I think the whole college gig is a racket. I always said, “I’m just going to school to get my diplomma, I don’t know how much I actual learn.”I learned stuff at school, like different types of rocks, history, and definitions to words that I didn’t care to use, but you elect to take classes and these classes give you some “knowledge”, but I always learned best by doing it. I also was always under the impression that most of my professors had never done anything except go to school and write papers. I yearned for a professor who actually did something. Now that I work, I swear that I will make my children’s school practical. I will ask them difficult questions like where to go on vacation and ask them to report. I will make them do my work so they understand why you need math, language and creativity. I can’t wait to challenge them, because school never challenged me to do anything but regurgitate the words spewed towards me. I was thinking about getting another piece of paper, an MBA. Penn State is charging over $90,000 for an MBA, not worth the investment for me. I think I should have gone to a tech or agricultural school, but happy where I landed.


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