I took the day off from work on Friday so Jac and I could spend the day in NYC.  It was bitter cold, freezing is too kind of a word, it was a brutal harsh climate that made you beg for mercy, wind burning you, temps below freezing, and the absence of sun with a dense layer of clouds.  We checked into the Millennium Hilton right next to the World Trade Center, I mean, you look out your window and straight down is the enormous hole.  We were 20 floors up (out of a possible 60) and you could see the constant flurry of activity, machinery, men, and the constant clatter of progress.  The sound from the construction was pretty damn loud, it woke up up in the middle of the night loud.  There was a giant piece of machinery that was drilling and pounding the earth with such fury that the contact produced a cloud of smoke and we could feel the vibration.  Here’s a brief video I took, if you have the sound on, you can hear the machine I describe.

We met up with Jac’s friend from college.  We caught the subway to a tiny crowded Cuban place in Greenwich Village.  Everyone raved about the food, but we also had plenty of champagne and caipirunhas in our blood.  It was a tiny restaurant and every inch was filled an people adding ingredients of energy, most notably, a solid duo performing Cuban music with an acoustic guitar and some bongos.

Some pics from the past couple days:
Jac and Winston at Giggleberry Fair in Peddler’s Village

At one of the many bars we visited in NYC

Me looking creepy in our hotel room

View from our room at night

Our kids

One last thing, Panera Bread and Starbucks, can you apply butter or cream cheese on toasted items?  You guys will spend six minutes making a lousy cup of coffee, but you just place a toasted bagel in a brown bag with some packets of cream cheese, which is difficult to spread with a plastic knife. 

7 thoughts on “NYC

  1. First of all: everyone knows Jaclyn has a tiny face, which is on her tiny head, and i was being most sincere, i love the pic of jac and win, and the one of the little ones on your feet! I think I just got a world record for longest run on sentence ever!


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