Atlas Shrugged

I’ve been reading Atlas Shrugged for months, it is a 1,200 page paperback book that has had profound influence on very influential people (Alan Greenspan). I finally finished it and have a couple notes:

1. Start off with her second most famous book, The Fountainhead. It is only 600 pages and is pretty action packed.
2. Atlas Shrugged is excellent, I was always leaning against widespread government intervention and this book really conclusively validated that thinking. This book also made me realize why capitalism is so important, I know it is fiction, but I truly hope that I NEVER end up in a communist socity. I cannot appropriately elaborate, it took Ayn Rand 1,200 pages to fully make the point, but I am not forever convinced.
3. While communism and anti-government aren’t sexy topics, she definitely made this an exciting read. If I didn’t have kids, I would have spent hours a day reading this book.
4. The hero is a woman.
5. The book made me profoundly appreciative of productive, quality, hard work. Watching the site of the WTC reconstruction was the best place to be at the end of the book.

I just started a book by a local author, detailing some local athletes who went on to fight in the Iraq and Afghan wars. I knew one of them and he ended up losing his life. Very interested to learning more about the guy who I only knew for a couple years in high school on the football team.

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