Can someone help me understand why people smoke cigars? With cigarettes, I can understand that someone might think it is cool to start smoking cigarettes through their ubiquitous advertising or through peer pressure and then they get addicted, that makes sense to me. Obviously, I do not endorse cigarettes and am extremely happy that I never got sucked in (I honestly owe most of my good decisions to video games and sports, but that’s another story). But cigars are such a different story, you never see cigar ads or a hot actor or actress smoking a cigar. Cigars aren’t addictive. Cigars produce a tremendous amount of smoke that can completely fumigate an entire room. Cigars eliminate all saliva from your mouth and leave your breath messed up for the rest of the day. Cigars make woman run from you. Maybe that is the benefit of cigars, it is for the guy who just doesn’t want to be around a woman. Anyone know why people like cigars?

3 thoughts on “Cigars?

  1. i’ve heard they have a “taste” to them that cigar afficionados enjoy.i wouldn’t personally know though.i always thought that they were addictive, though.


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