Fender Bender – Everyone Is Okay

Yesterday, Jaclyn got into a little fender bender while running errands with the kids.  She’s okay, the kids are okay, and Winston found the experience to be awesome.  Winston also ensured that we continue to think about the accident on a minute by minute basis by constantly inquiring, “Where’s Mamma’s car?”

Mamma’s car was towed yesterday to her father’s shop in Doylestown where it will be evaluated for repairs. 

I was swamped at work yesterday, I was supposed to be in multiple meetings at once, I was on the phone, and just super busy in general.  I saw Jac’s number flash on my phone a couple of times, but I couldn’t answer because I was on the other line.  Finally, the front desk lady at the large corporate building I work at paged me over the loudspeaker and got a hold of me. 

I immediately jumped to the worst of conclusions when I was paged, put my call on hold and switched over to the operator.  I was put through to Jaclyn knowing bad news was about to be delivered, my assumption was that one of our kids was headed to the hospital for doing something crazy.  The news was very tame in comparison, a little fender bender, everyone was okay, and Jaclyn had already taken care of most of the logistics.  The kids were screaming in the background.  The patience required with children is amazing, they can make a stressful situation so much more stressful, but Jaclyn handled it all with grace. 

They needed a ride, so I got out of work a little early and installed the car seats into my Accord Coup (which was definitely not designed with 4 passengers in mind, but does have the car seat anchors equipped which made installation easy). 

One thing that was incredible about the whole thing is that the other car involved in the accident was driven by the nicest guy ever.  He was an older gentlemen with a white beard who was delivering toys for tots.  His truck had minimal damage and he was patient through the whole ordeal, he even called Jaclyn later last night to make sure she was okay.  Nothing is ever perfect, but it is nice to know that even in bad times, there’s good people out there. 

So, even though there’s accidents in Norristown & Mr. Potters out there in Bedford Falls,  we’ll still be cheerfully singing Auld Lang Syne when the calendar turns to 2010. 

One thought on “Fender Bender – Everyone Is Okay

  1. you forgot to mention the part where you said to jac “accidents happen in threes” and then the following day your sister in law rear ended a car! haha crazzzzzzzzzzzy


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