Thank You Officer, You Really Helped Me Out!

I left the Eagles game at halftime yesterday.  I hopped on 95 North and there was no one the road except a police car in the right lane going 55 MPH.  95 North is 4 lanes and most people go about 65 to 75MPH on it, but the speed limit is 55 in that particular section.  I got sick of hanging behind the cop going 55MPH, so I switched lanes and bumped up my speed to 62MPH.  As I started to gain some separation from the slow cop, he turned his siren on, but not his lights.  I knew I was barely exceeding the speed limit, so I didn’t care, if he wanted to pull me over for going 62 MPH on I-95, that was up to him.  The officer, turned off the siren and I kept gaining some distance on the police officer.  At the moment when I thought the cop had just decided to let me go my own way at 62MPH, he flipped on his siren again and came roaring up next to me and emphatically pressed his 5 fingers against his window twice to indicate 55MPH.  I nodded and kept going.  Then he got off the next exit.

Honestly, what in the world was that cop thinking?  Did he think that my 62MPH pace was a hazard to myself or other commuters?  Did he think he was going to pull me over and say:

Cop:  Do you know why I pulled you over?
Me:  No, not sure officer, why?
Cop:  You were going 62 in a 55 zone on I-95.
Me:  Holy cow!   Thank you for pulling me over and saving myself from a imminent danger.  I must have been zoned out for a second and didn’t realize my car had accelerated to such a dangerous speed, how can I ever thank you?

Here’s some pictures from the snow storm:


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