What A Year – 2009 Edition

It is just about to be 2010 and my annual tradition is to write the things I learn each year.  Here’s a look at past learnings:



What RKDeem has learned in 2009:

1.  Beginning to grasp that I am not immortal, scares the heck out of me.
2.  Family is incredibly important, without them, getting laid off, having an accident, or going to the hospital would be a lot more stressful and scary.  We lived through these events in 09 and knew we never needed to worry. 
3.  Family is incredibly important for the good things too, so happy that I’ve come to gain Jim and Becky as excellent company/friends.  Not sure I would have had the opportunity if I didn’t have this time in their home.  The joy we all take in Dalia and Winston, exposes so many new sides to my parents that I had never seen before, there’s a lot of love around us and that makes life good.
4.  Miss walking the circuit of the Doylestown book store, Siren Records, Coffee & Cream, and Rita’s.  I learned that living in a place where you can walk to destinations, vastly improves your social and physical health.
5.  Saw a flying fish for the first time in the Gulf Stream 30 some miles off the Outer Banks in NC.  The little bugger looks like a finch, flies about 3 feet off the water for over 100 yards, there’s crazy stuff happening way out into the ocean, starting to learn that we’ll one day live by the sea.
6. Work hard, it pays off.  Under the microscope, politics and uncertainty can make it look like you’re not making progress, but the cream will rise to the top.  Industry, economy, employment is all so volatile in this age, but hard work is a currency that is always in demand.  Happy that a client took me aboard and has allowed me the opportunity to shine.  Don’t just do what you are told to do, do what needs to be done. 
7. I learned that rain storms can be a lot of fun.  Kayaking down the swollen creek in my parent’s backyard was a rush
8. Attending a World Series game is fun, but not worth the insane mark up.  The best baseball experience is on a warm summer night, not meant to be played in a frozen windy November.
9. Eagles games aren’t meant for children, the fans are blood thirsty and in many cases ignorant.  
10. Starting your own company isn’t too hard, paying the taxes is a different story.
11. Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas are pretty boring places.  I will say that the bar-b-que is dynamite and my favorite so far was served from a gas station (Oklahoma Joe’s)
12. Miami is not my cup of tea, a little too focused on the glam and not enough substance
13. Atlas Shrugged was one of my favorite books of all time, right up there with Portnoy’s Complaint, On The Road, Zen & the Art of Motocycle Maintenance, and my Call of Duty strategy guide.
14. Kids make it damn near impossible to be cool.  You barely have a moment for yourself, you can’t stay up late because they wake up early, and you spend most of your days reading, watching, and playing with things designed for children.
15. 2 kids is more than twice the amount of work of 1 kid.  If one’s in a good mood, the other isn’t, if one’s asleep, the other’s awake, if one is hungry, the other is thirsty, it is a constant level of mayhem and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
16. I think every kid has dreamed of jumping into the large fountains at the mall, proud to learn that my son had the audacity to do it.
17. I learned that shots are not a good addition to a night out, I will resolve to avoid them in the future.
18. I came within an inch of working for peanuts at Point Pleasant Tubing Company or in the fields of None Such Farms, I love how Jaclyn can understand that aspect of me and support it.  The two of us are the most adaptable people I’ve met and that is one of the many reasons I love her so much.
19. Was rejected for a mortgage because I started my own company and needed two years experience before they’d consider.  I learned that good credit, good earnings, and good history does not always yield good results.  May work out for the best, housing prices continue to fall.
20. I learned that the best feeling in the world is coming home from work and having two kids run to you and hug each leg until you pick them up and give them kisses.  Every night I experience this routine and I told my co-worker how much I loved it, he said, “Enjoy it while it lasts, one day, the only one who’ll greet you at the door when you come home is the dog.”  I’m loving it and I don’t take it for granted, I am lucky for two wonderful and healthy kids and I wife who’s loved me through thick and thin.  

Have a wonderful, happy, and healthy New Year.  Thank you for all the folks who’ve actually been reading this blog all three years.  Please know that all of you are important to me and that each of you have made this an excellent year for me.

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