Last Thoughts On Kansas City and Looking Ahead

One last thought on Kansas City, they have the raunchiest FM radio stations.  I am not easily alarmed and consider myself pretty liberal, but I was astonished by the amount of crude, lewd, and flat out sexual nature of the entire broadcast, this station would make Howard Stern blush.  The radio banter juxtaposed against the constant stream of churches along Metcalf Avenue made the whole thing even more interesting.  The afternoon show was the most over the top, ironically, it was called “The Church of Lazlo”.  If you’re in Kansas City and looking for over the top radio, tune into 96.5 FM.

In addition to the explicit dialog, I was also amazed to hear this conversation:

Co-host:  Yeah, I think NeNe was on the Real Housewives of Atlanta TV show.

Lazlo:  Was that the show with all the black people?

Co-host:  Yes.

Lazlo:  I never watched that show, I don’t watch shows with black people.

I couldn’t believe it, I suspect a similar comment in Philadelphia would generate a lot of protest. 

Work is moving along in the right direction, it seems like I could be a full-time employee in 1 to 3 weeks, but regardless of when it exactly happens, they’ve loaded me with work and responsibilities that keep me extremely busy all the time.  Next month, I head to Miami again and then to New Orleans.  I’ll be heading to Phoenix in March. 

Jacalope is probably going to tag along in Miami for the weekend, I think she’ll like the city a lot more than I did, perhaps I’ll like it more with her company.  New Orleans is in my top 5 places that I’ve ever been to, I can’t wait to wonder around those city blocks again, I think I’ll bring back an alligator head for Winston. 

The kids are great.  I have an example of how kids make rather ordinary moments into blissful insanity:

Winston is in the TV room on his little chair watching a movie.  Dalia, Jaclyn, and I were eating dinner at the kitchen table.  Dalia stands up on her chair, springs onto the kitchen table, steps right in the middle of her beef stew dinner plate, and leaps off the table towards Jaclyn.  Jaclyn screams as Dalia flies in her direction with feet covered in beef stew.  Winston yells, “I’m okay!  I’m okay!” Jaclyn catches Dalia, holding the sloppy feet away from her nice work clothes and I quickly try to clean her up.  All this happens in a matter of seconds, never a boring moment at the Deem household and I love it.

I have the Happy Days song stuck in my head.  Good bye gray skies, hello blue!

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