Falling Asleep

Last night we were very excited about the season premiere of LOST. The show started at 9PM so we were really doing our best to encourage the kids to fall asleep earlier. We brought down their favorite blankets and pillows, we took a trip to Target to get some snacks and a little movie that they would enjoy, we dimmed the lights and waited for their little eyes to close. Dalia was spent and we handed her a big bottle, put her in her pajamas and she fell asleep immediately in her crib. One down, one to go!

9PM was just minutes away…the season premiere is about to begin and Winston is wide awake! We set up his TV room with all his favorite things, laid him down, and snuck off into the living room and began watching LOST. Winston came in and checked on us a bunch of times, I think he was startled to see something that had his parents so engrossed. We kept asking Winston, “Are you tired? Aren’t you ready for bed?” Winston always responded, “Nooooooo….I don’t want to go to bed!”. Finally, at 10PM, way past his bed time, we corraled him upstairs plopped him in his bed and he continued to protest, “I don’t want to go to bed, I don’t want to go to bed, zzzzzzzzz”

Thank goodness for DVR, we resumed LOST and watched the second half uninterrupted. After the show ended, Jac and I went upstairs to go to bed. She had fallen asleep and I was still thinking about LOST. A thought entered my mind about the show near midnight and I shouted it outloud, “Oh My GOD, Jacob knew all this was going to happen, he gave the note to Hurley months ago and he knew he was going to need to it to prove that he was dead!” Jaclyn rolled over and said, “Go to bed sweetie”. “I don’t want to go to bed! I am thinking about LOST, I’m thinking about Jacob, I think this means that the good guys are going to win, Jacob is one step ahead of the smoke monster, YAY! zzzzzzzzzz”


3 thoughts on “Falling Asleep

  1. Hahaha, do you think Jacob is inhabiting Sayid’s body somehow? I thought at first it can’t be, because he is dead. But either way a dead man is alive again, whether it it Sayid or Jacob.


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